Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Sneaky-Peeky at Christmas Decorating!

I just was contacted by The Sacramento Bee to have our home featured in their Home and Garden section!!
It's all so very exciting and highly motivating (to say the least) to whip this house into a Christmas Wonderland..:-)  So here are a sneek-peek at just a little of the decorating. This is of the hoosier that sits between the kitchen and family room.

The framed Santa was a gift a few years ago from my frend, Toni..

This is an old ceiling light fixture that I've set etched globes in (picked up at the thrift) and lit with tea lights.

A little shot of the Christmas tree that's in the kitchen..all done in pastels.

On top of the Hoosier I draped white twinkle lights surrounding the Santa, mirror and Christmas tree. Then I covered over the lights with cheese cloth.

I adorned the little tree simply with assorted crystals that I've detached from various chandeliers I've picked up at garage sales...

I love how they sparkle!


Another gift one year from my sweet friend, Anita...

And here is the whole sha-bang!
Well, I am off to deck the halls some more! Hope you're having as much fun decorating as I am!
I'll try to post more soon~Fa-la-la-la-la....


  1. How very pretty everything is looking! I love your little framed Santa and the cotton batting Santa especially. Is your Santa on top of the hoosier all white or pink?

    Angelic Accents

  2. What a lovely presentation of your decor. Love it all ...
    TTFN ~ Marydon
    PS Visit me at our new blog ~

  3. Your decorations are indeed worthy of a magazine cover! It is so wonderful to dig through our Christmas boxes and catch one memory after another. Christmas somehow brings out the nostagia in all of us. I love your tree with the crystals. I have a group of small trees and alot of crystals. Now I know what I will do with my bare trees. thank you for the wonderful ideas.
    p.s. I really really like your upside down lights...great idea too!

  4. Everything is looking beautiful. I love the gauze over the lights!!

  5. I forgot about the Santa picture I gave you! Love the crystals too.....but you know that I like those already! I still remember the friendship Christmas breakfast you gave one year....I remember how special that was. I may have one myself for friends here....but minus you :( Blessings,

  6. Hi Myrna,
    Oh is starting to look pretty around your place!! Thanks for the lookyloo.
    I am working on mine, this next week I can start revealing.

  7. I've GOT to go put one of my bottle brush trees in a tea cup!!!

    lovely, just lovley