Saturday, May 31, 2008

My favorite "Book Shelf" and how to instructions

A few years ago I came across this idea in an now discontinued magazine--how to make a shelf out of books. I think it originated from designer Shannon Quimby.
Anyway, here's how it works:

First off, you'll need old books, mounting table and L-brackets--2 per shelf.

I pick up old books mostly at thrift stores and garage sales for under $1.00. I collected a selection that I liked and stacked three or four of them on the kitchen counter to see if they all "went" together. Then I measured the width of the book and cut mounting tape accordingly, taped it to the back of the book and secured the next page over the tape forming a 'pocket' for the L-brackets to fit. Make sure you tape at the furthest end of the page.

Then slide the book onto the L-brackets and close the book.

Then stack the rest of the books on top and decorate! Ta Da!!

Hope I made the instructions clear enough for you--if you have any questions, feel free to email me. Also, if any of you do this, I'd LOVE to see your pics!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Decorating with Books and Thoughts of Homelife

My blog-friend and kindred spirit, Marietta of Sweet Old Vintage did a post awhile back on decorating with books. She has some wonderful ideas and inspired me to share some of mine as well...
In the picture above, I have a couple of books bound together by a leather belt I picked up at a thrift store (got this idea from my friend, Toni) stuck an old cabinet photo in it and further embellished it with a pocket watch hanging from a vintage rhinestone bracelet--gotta have bling!
This is half of a built in bookshelf in our family you can see, I used books sparingly and to accent all the goodies and collectibles I like to display. Originally it seemed so dark, so to break up all the wood, I glued pages from old books to poster board and tacked it on the back of the cabinet. It helped make the displays stand out better. You could really use anything...change out the back by using different colors of fabric, depending on the season...or use (my favorite) old sheet music. By using poster board it isn't permanent and can easily be changed.
I DO judge a book by it's cover!! I love the old Victorian books with the pretty graphics--I think it adds a romantic touch. I purchased these two books at an antique store when visiting friends in Michigan last year.
And in my kitchen I collect old cook books and housekeeping books--my favorite is titled A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband--copyright, 1917!! It has cute stories in it of a newlywed housewife and her recipes and cleaning ideas...and they called the oven a "fireless cooker"!!

I think I'm so attracted to these books because I harbor a secret fantasy of being June Cleaver!
I record Leave it To Beaver episodes and enjoy stepping back in time. In some ways thing's haven't changed--some of the antics of Wally and The Beav I can relate to my own children...and the relationship between Ward and June is so similar to Steve and me. I always admire June's immaculate house, cookies always ready for the kids after school and dinner being served 5 minutes after Ward walks in the door. June's always perky--with her pearls and shirt-waist dress and perfectly coiffed hair. Sigh. A nice fantasy. Every once in a while I can do all that. It's fun to try. It's fun, because no one puts that expectation on me. My family is wonderful at accepting me and my various experiments at home keeping techniques. At this stage of my life I feel more like I'm "playing house" like I did when I was a little girl. When I played with Barbies, I'd make her furniture and decorate her house!
Now I have few commitments and that frees me up to "play" more--play in my studio, play in my kitchen, play at housekeeping. And when you look at is as play, it never seems like work!
Gotta go now--I'm playing Laundress!! ;-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Am a Winner!!....

...well, I know from reading gazillion self-help books over the years that you are suppose to be walking around telling yourself "I'm A Winner" ;-).....but in this case, I won a Give-Away from Martha at Vintage Trifles! These pics are from her blog sight--clever girl, don't you think?!

I was thrilled to win her collage of Miss Liberty. I have never won anything before so this is very exciting for me! Isn't it beautiful?! Thanks so much for doing a Give-Away, Martha. I think I may do one of my own in the near future!!!

P.S. Here's Martha's blog case the link didn't work--I'm STILL figuring this blog thing out! ;-/

Monday, May 26, 2008

More of "Cottage Girls" shop

Here are a few more pictures of the darling "Cottage Girls" shop.....Enjoy!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Friends

Today I met with my new blog-friend, Jann! She found me from The Feathered Nest (Thanks, Dawn!) and contacted me because she lived nearby. She treated me to a "Cream Tea"--tea and scones at a tea-room called Tea Anytime in Carmichael, CA. We had a wonderful time visiting and getting to know each other--she is beautiful, inside and out, with a sweet and gentle nature that had a calming effect on me. So delightful! After our tea, I showed Jann one of my favorite shops in Carmichael. It's called Cottage Girls..and I asked Janna, the owner, if I could take some pics of her fabulous store and show them on my blog...if any of you are in the area, her address is 5912 Palm Ave. Carmichael, Ca 95608 and her phone # is (916) 972-8515.

Jann and I frequented a couple of other shops before parting ways--I promised her an invite to my house for lunch--she loves all the 'girly' stuff that I do!

Thanks for contacting me, Jann, I look forward to seeing you again soon! ;-)

Jann's blog is called A Vintage Heart--she's on my 'favorites' list. Check out her wonderful blog!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Changeable" Art

Remember when I wrote of the cocoa pot that my mom's Aunt Laura gave her in my "Heirlooms" post? Well, this is a picture of Aunt Laura and my mom's cousins. I love, love, love little tiny old things and displaying them all together. This was a funky framed shelf that I picked up at a garage sale, covered the back with scrapbook paper and the inset frame with music sheet. I liked the antiqued gold,so I didn't paint it. What's fun about this open "shadow box" is I can add and/or change out the little doo-dad's on a whim!
There's a little quote at the top that says "Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."

This little cutie is my first attempt at a "Creation under glass" that I did about a year ago... I collaged the little girl picture and put it in a tiny frame, the back is a tag and in the front are two antique buttons. I covered the bottom with text from an antique book--love the patina it has. Again, it's all just propped up in there, so I can change it out. I'm going to make more of these in larger sizes--they're fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Room Part 2

I forgot to mention--we usually have a white iron antique bed, but our son Caleb, and his wife, Kristen are borrowing it while they're living in a tiny house built in 1911! Some day I'll show you pics of their cute place! In the meantime, we're storing their modern queen-size bed. The wood doesn't match, so I just covered it up with white bedspreads.

Also, the window treatment that you can see in the previous post was made for our master bedroom when we lived in San Diego. Steve made the valance out of wood and I covered it with batting and fabric. I then embellished it with buttons and doilies that belonged to my mother. When we moved into this house, it fit perfect!

A beautiful wedding sentiment....
Pictures of Zac (our oldest) and his lovely wife, Amy...they live in Seal Beach..

Photos of Caleb and his beautiful wife, Kristen. We're happy that they live in town!!A close up of the bottle collection and photos....
A wedding picture of my grandparents. I leave chocolates by the bed for guests....I re-wrap them with decorative paper. Just a little something special--to make our guests feel special....
I made this guest's fun to read our friend's and family's thoughts, reactions, thank you's....

The back of the guest book....and the sentiment we hope our guests leave with!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Guest Room Part 1

Well, I've got the guest room all ready for my dear friend Toni's arrival tomorrow. She's coming up from San Diego and stopping here for a couple of days before driving up to Oregon to visit friends and family.

I've named this room "The Wedding Room" because it's taken on all my wedding collections....

Counting Your Blessings offers free blog banners that are just beautiful....I printed a few out and attached them to the water bottles to add a little fun and whimsy to plain water bottles.

This is a collection of vintage christening gowns. (Mine is second one in from the right.) Also, from left to right, are baby pictures of my dad, mom and on the far right, my mom-in-law. The collection of small bottles belonged to Steve's grandmother...I received them about 15 years ago after she died, and I embellished them with her earrings and few bits and bobs that she had in her sewing box.

Steve's parents wedding picture as well as their cake topper live in this old terrarium. I added the sheet music and my mom' s beaded clutch to give it more of a "story"...

This is my favorite vignette in the room, because this is Steve's grandmother's wedding dress

I was so honored and pleased that my mother-in-law gave it to me!! The wedding veil is my own that I wore 30 years ago. The shoes I picked up at the thrift store because I thought it went so well...

Here is a close up of Steve's grandparent's wedding picture--that's the same dress!

On this wall are pictures of wedding pictures of our two sons...along with vintage wedding pictures I collect from estate sales....

I've been having troubles getting the post 'organized', so I thought I'll send in this in first....and work on the second. (Part 2) Stay tuned! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Vignettes

Today my daughter, Courtney and I are off to the thrift stores, but I wanted to leave a few more vignettes for you to enjoy. I love it when other bloggers posts pictures of their homes...hope you feel the same!
Sorry 'bout the flash in cupboard--maybe I need to take photography lessons? ;-)

That little cabinet hangs in my kitchen area..

A view of a few of my collection of anything with roses on it!!

I just did this display...not really content with it. Think I need to add a little sumpin, sumpin..
This is a little collage display on my coffee table in the sitting room. The box I got at Target on clearance a few years ago--it's the Shabby Chic line... The little "Some Day" tag was made by my sweet blog friend, Tiffany, at Beyond the Vintage Path.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Wednesday!!