Monday, November 29, 2010

More Than Heirlooms

Up in the attic...

..Down on my knees...

Lifetime of boxes, timeless to me.

Letters and photographs yellowed with years. Some bringing laughter, some bringing tears.

Time never changes the memories, the faces of loved ones who bring to me, all that I come from and all that I live for and all that I'm going to be..

My precious family is more than an heirloom to me.

Wisemen and shepherds down on their knees..

Bringing their treasures to lay at His feet.

Who was this wonder baby yet King?

Living and dying, He gave life to me.

Time never changes the memory, the moment His love first pierced through me. Telling all that I come from and all that I live for and all that I'm going to be.
My precious Saviour is more than an heirloom to me.
{Bob Farrell, Brown Bannister, Amy Grant}
Years ago my mother gave me her Nativity that she'd had since the 40's and it has been so very special to me. I always remember her setting it up when I was little.
And a few years ago my dad and step- mom gave me my mother's Christmas ornaments..some she had bought and some she had made. I love to showcase them on a small tree in our dining room.
I made the memory box shortly after she died...almost 20 years ago.
I think about her every day, but it's when I'm setting up the Nativity do I get really nostalgic...remembering my mom handling each piece and letting me set the baby Jesus in the manger. Remembering her joy and excitement over Christmas..the decorating, the baking..all of it. In our home I'm surrounded by many of her things..heirlooms...they remind me of her and make me smile. But the one heirloom from her that I treasure the most is the reason why we celebrate Christmas. My mother instilled in me a joy and faith and hope in Jesus that never wavers, and like the is more than an heirloom to me!
Blessings to you this coming season! I am excited to share and participate in the upcoming festivities in Blogland!!
(Starting with Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life!)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday...Thanksgiving Past..

Since I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house this year, I've already started on Christmas for Marty's Tabletop Tuesday, would you mind very much for a repeat of a Thanksgiving past??

These are my favorite blue dishes~have had them for 28 years...The toile 'runner' is just fabric that I scrunched under and draped down the center of the table.

The napkins are a thrift store find..and the cherub napkin holders were a gift years ago from my friend, Sheri.

And the 'place cards' are ATC's with each person's initial on them..a little something for them to take home!
My computer has been acting up..I practically held my breath while writing this post, I was so afraid it would 'freeze' again!!
Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed and yummy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poppin' In!

Hi all! I was away on a trip. Spent 5 glorious days visiting Zac, Amy, and sweet grand-daughter, Lindy.
At 11 months she's walking and saying "Da-Da", feeds herself, and is an absolute joy to hang out with!
I've tried several times to upload photos, but I'm having computer problems and it keeps 'freezing' on me and won't upload. I found I could get ONE photo to upload, so I thought I'd make it count and show THE cutest pic of Lindy, taken by her mom, Amy.
Hopefully I can get this computer figured out and I will post as soon as I can!
Blessings to you!!

It's not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the  true measure of our thanksgiving.      ~W.T. Purkiser

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday~Fall Mantle

Today I am joining Marty's Tabletop Tuesday over at A Stroll Thru Life.  
Yesterday I showed you last year's Christmas mantle in our sitting room, and today is this year's Fall mantle in our family room..feeling confused, yet? ;-D lol!

Winston wanted to get in on the act, so as not to hurt his feelings I snapped a few pics of him! ;-)

I incorporated my viola that I've had since the fourth grade into a little autumn vignette.

The topiary on the right was just as I'd found it at the thrift store. The topiary on the left was also a thrift store fined, but it was all ivy. I just wove autumn garland around it and plunked a few fall floral picks here and there in it, and voila!(not viola) hee-hee, an Autumn topiary! I'm already thinking ahead of how I will change it out for Christmas! ;-)

Whoops! Winston again. :-)

He posed so well for me~wouldn't move an inch while I was snapping away!
Be sure to check A Stroll Thru Life for other fabulous tabletops!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Year's Christmas Mantle Party AND Giveaway Results!

When I went to the blog of the person who won my giveaway, I found she was participating in Year's Past Christmas Mantle Party hosted by Beth at Stories of A to Z.

So I thought I'd play along, too, and extend the suspense!! ;-) If you can't stand it ya know you can just scroll down to the bottom and find out!

This is our Christmas mantle in our sitting room from last year.

Beth's idea was to get you inspired and excited about Christmas decorating...and, after looking at the other's who have joined the party, it sure has inspired me!!

Okay, announcing the winner of my Giveaway....
Stephanie of Angelic Accents! Congratulations, Stephanie!!
Be sure to visit her blog for her pictures of her beautiful mantle!

Thank you to all who participated in my giveaway, and for your sweet and encouraging comments~you really blessed my week!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tablescape Thursday~Mentor Moms Luncheon

Welcome to Susan's (Between Naps on the Porch) 115th Tablescape Thursday! Wow! Susan has done such a wonderful job hosting~not to mention all her fabulous tablescapes, tips and tricks she shares. ;-)

I am also linking up with Vignette Friday at Color Outside the Lines

My submission is the tablescape I did for our church's Mentor Moms for our Mom to Mom group..the mentor moms encourage and support the (mostly) young moms that come to our bi-monthly meetings with guest speakers, brunch, and fellowship. My friend and partner, Pauline and I oversee the mentor moms~and we wanted to love on them and let them know how special they are.

Pauline made a delicious lunch of cranberry chicken salad sandwiches on fresh baked croissants, lovely green salad, and assorted bars and cookies for dessert.

And using mostly her things, I arranged the tablescape.

Thirteen women were coming, and Pauline wanted everyone to be included at the her handy husband just 'whipped' out an extension to the table using plywood and table legs..cutting it in proportion to the existing table..I had two matching tablecloths and layered two of Pauline's tablecloths and worked from there.

I purchased the paper plates and napkins from Tuesday Morning...Pauline's china, crystal, and gold chargers complimented it nicely.

I arranged the buffet to hold the dessert, and beverages~iced tea, iced water, and coffee..

Not needing the tiered serving piece for dessert, I made a fall arrangement on each level..

Candles make everything feel more special!

We had a lovely time in Pauline's warm and inviting home.
Be sure to visit Between Naps on the Porch to view many amazing tablescapes....and be sure to enter my Giveaway...

offered  Here!  ;-)