Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Play Months..

"The play months of the year are here, so let us take our jobs as lightly as possible, keep house as little as we can, experiment not at all with doubtful things to eat.
At least, rest."
Quote from The Complete Home, published in 1879!

'Been coming and going (to So.Cal and back)..celebrating...retirement of a good friend, Lindy's dedication, and two of our children's birthdays.  Cleaning and clearing out drawers and cupboards to get ready for a garage sale. Putzing and pondering~~what little tweaks do I want to do on the house, change it up for the summer months..thinking about adding RED to the kitchen! Just little touches here and there.
Going to meetings..finding out where God wants me involved.
Spending time in solitude..to recharge my batteries.
And I am taking the above quote very seriously!
By the way, I've reduced my prices in my Etsy shop for this next week before they're removed from the listing. Guess I'm clearing that out, too!! ;-)

How are YOU going to spend the 'play months'?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway News!

Daphne Nicole-Lynda Cade is celebrating the opening of their online boutique by offering this fabulous purse in a Giveaway!!  Pop on over to enter and check out the beautiful shop! :-)


Also~~Lori, over at Raspberries and Rose Petals is offering this amazing journal plus goodies she created herself! Be sure to visit and enter her giveaway, too!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Urban Barn

Whilst I was in San Diego, my sweet friend, Sue T. and I checked out two lovely stores in Escondido.

The first one was Urban Barn...Fabulous place! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Have a lovely day!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


This is how my trip to San Diego ended last Monday. After a hectic, fun-filled weekend helping a friend celebrate her 60th Birthday! The beach-house we stayed in is right on the boardwalk~just cross it and you're on the beach. I woke early Monday morning and took a walk on the beach alone. It's always bittersweet to leave my friends in San Diego..they've known me forever...know a lot about me and still love me! ;-)
When I come home to Northern California it always takes me awhile to adjust back to life up here.
Thankfully there is God, who's with me where ever I go and knows exactly how I feel. And helps me put things in perspective.