Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ta-Ta For Now!

I am off to San Diego to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins....then to see my girlfriends!
I'll be back next week. Have wonderful week!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

This week's Metamorphosis Monday is just a dinky little thing I did, but alotta fun!
I recently got a new phone that came with a clear protective case. I noticed the gal that was selling it to me had a cute cover, like black and white stripes that she had got online. I thought I'd
take it a step further and create my own little collage cover..and here's what I came up with.

After creating the collage, I copied it, cut it out to fit the phone and attached the protective case over the image.

The case holds the image in place, so I don't have to glue it or anything. What's nice is I can change the image out whenever the mood strikes me! ;-)

So there's my dinky little transformation, but think it still counts for Met Monday!! :-D
Be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for a list of other wonderful transformation ideas!!
Have a great day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tablescape Thursday--Brian's Birthday

Earlier this month we had Brian and his bride, Jenni over for Brian's birthday, which happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo. So of course, we HAD to do a Mexican theme!! I had meant to host it outside but the weather didn't cooperate so into the formal dining room we went. I really wanted to do something casual, inexpensive, and festive so I checked out the local Dollar Tree and for 6 bucks I had my setting!! :-)
Ta-Da! Plastic tablecloth~$1..paper plates~$1...paper napkins~$1...3 bunches of 'flowers'~$3.
Grand total...$6.00!!
I used white plastic plates as 'chargers'. Already had the orange fiesta ware pitcher to hold the flowers..made a runner of sorts with the extra napkins. Tied ribbon around red candles and inverted two wine glasses to hold the candles.

The blue handled flatware I bought years ago at Big Lots (when it was called Pic and Save)...

So there you go...a tablescape that was fun, festive and cheap! Like me! ;-D
Check out the many other wonderful (and way more classy) tablescapes at Susan's blog at

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Charlene's Having a Giveaway!

Charlene, over at My Heart's Ease, is celebrating her 100th post by having a giveaway! ALL THREE of these lovely items! The fairy jar is from the tutorial of Dawn's at The Feathered Nest ~didn't Charlene do a beautiful job?
Pop over to My Heart's Ease to congratulate Charlene and to enter her fabulous giveaway!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to the Porch Party!!

I just found out that Barb, over at Grits and Glamour (love that name!) is having a porch party.
I'm busy getting ready for a garage sale this week, so I thought I'd re post a blast from the past Porch Party I participated in last June!
So Welcome to The Porch Party (revisited) ;-)

Come in! Come in! And have a seat!

I have some Iced Tea for you and cupcakes with NO calories! ;-)

This is a little assemblage I made in a birdcage my best friend, Laura, gave me...a floral plate, a ceramic bird and some greens...

Here's the spot where I like to have my "quiet time" in the mornings...

Or, over here, for a different view.... I love hydrangeas--two or three cuttings and you have a whole bouquet!

There is a big oak tree in our back yard that gives great shade...but also alotta leaves when it's windy-which it was today...

Roses from the garden...they smell so sweet!

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check on Grits and Glamour for more porch decor!!

P.S. When Steve came home from work, he brought Chinese dinner....and liked the balcony so much he wanted to eat there!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Behind Closed Doors...

I had visited a friend awhile back who gave me a tour of her home (regrettably I didn't have a camera!) One of the things that impressed me was when she showed me the inside of her closet...on the top shelf she had a collection of old hat boxes she used for storage and were pleasingly arranged with old dolls propped up, vintage gloves draping off, etc. What struck me was that this was her personal closet--no one but her really ever sees it. I felt affirmed in a way, because there are some areas in my home that no one really sees, but I like to have things arranged in a pleasing manner that makes me smile.
But here, in this guest room closet I arranged it to be a pleasant suprise to whomever opens the door...

Up on the top are boxes for storage and a few stuffed animals that I can't bear to part with, but don't particularly fit any where else in my home. Most of my collection of tea towels and linens live up there. In that box on the top shelf where there is a hankie sticking out was done on remind me what sort of linens would be in there. I thought it to be cuter than just a label! ;-)

Then on the second shelf is an arrangement of pretty things, plus a little room for a guest to put her make-up case there...and then on the third shelf is extra sheets, extra water (with fun labels replacing the regular water labels), and more room for anything a guest might want to store there whilst they're staying...
I'll be 'summerizing' the family room soon, so I will be pulling out the glass containers of shells and sea glass to display there...

For the most part, I'm really the only one who opens this closet on a regular retrieve linens or tablecloths, and everytime I look inside I's just FUN for me to make even hidden away areas pretty!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tablescape Thursday--Mother's Day

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday--hosted by the lovely Susan, at Between Naps on The Porch!
First off, has anyone had problems uploading pictures? I tried last night, but couldn't upload..then tried this morning trying to upload 5 pics at a time and still no luck. It worked when I uploaded ONE AT A TIME!! That was fun. :-/ Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Okay, so now on to the Tablescape~
For Mother's Day we invited Steve's mom up for dinner that Steve, Courtney and Caleb prepared. Steve made fancy-schmancy drinks for us and Courtney served us appetizers as we lolled in the backyard...
Courtney also set the table! I was so impressed with her creativity and ideas that I just HAD to share it with YOU!! :-)
Court cut fresh roses from the garden and made an arrangement and set two roses on each place signifying where my mom-in-love and I were to sit. I thought that was such a nice touch!

I loved how she used layers, too..

I love the napkin idea! You'll be seeing more of that idea that I'm steal--I mean, borrowing from her in later tablescapes I do! ;-)

Candles, always a nice touch!

Just lovely!

And here is me and Darlou ( my mom-in-love) toasting to the joys of Motherhood! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now here's an antique store you don't see every day..

Last week Steve and I motored up to Placerville, California and tootled around the museum and shops. We stopped in this antique store and immediately my morbid (pun intended) curiosity took over! I asked the owner if I could snap a few pics and she graciously agreed. The shop is called Gothic Rose Antiques and I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. I was impressed with the way she merchandised and displayed all the weird and wonderful treasures...