Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seal Beach Trip, Part Two

Another favorite store of mine in Old Orange is Country Roads's a shop with little spaces of individual vendors...

Zac and Amy out in the garden of Country Roads...

'Nother shop is Victoria Co.--jammed packed with goodies!

I think Zac had about enough!! ;-)

Dinner that night was at a darling Italian Restaurant in Belmont Shores...

The next morning we visited Zac and Amy's church, Damascus in Seal Beach...Zac's in the worship team...

Sunday afternoon we motored back to Belmont Shores to dine at Lucille's....and BFF's Dave and Laura came up from San Diego to join us!! A lovely afternoon was had by all.

Monday morning we walked to The Crema for breakfast before hitting the road to go last pic of Zac and Amy--SUCH a sweet couple!!



  1. ahhh, that was so much fun! I LOVE all the pics you took while you were here! We are so blessed to have you guys! Love you, Amy

  2. Oh, this was a real treat! I've never been to California, so thanks for the ride! ;-) Bo

  3. Hiya Myrn!!! Oh my goodness, LOVE all the pics, what a feast for the eyes!!!! I could shop at these Beautiful shops all day!
    Love yall's pics too, Gorgeous!
    xo Tiff

  4. Your post reminds me of my beach vacation trip which I got through Priceline.