Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hooked on Houses Fall Tour

Welcome to my home! This is our front entry all decked out for Autumn....

And this is a close-up of a secretary desk that's in our front entry. Somehow when I was loading the pictures, some of them came our backwards. Sorry 'bout that! It'll make sense as you scroll down....

This is inside one of the shelves..

And this is the drop-leaf desk of the secretary. I just bought that scripture plaque when I was shopping in Elk Grove with my Mom-in-law last Saturday...

The top of the secretary desk...

And here is the picture that was suppose to be at the beginning! Oi-vey! Just when I thought I had this blogging/posting/uploading picture thing down--THIS happens! ;-)

This is also in our entry way. I changed out the flowers in the pitcher from pink cherry blossoms to fall colors. The old sewing machine belonged to Steve's (my husband) grandmother.

And here is "The Loo"--I put a couple of fall touches in here, so I thought I'd show you...

A little collection upon one of the shelves...

I won't tell you where I was sitting when I took this pic... :-) I picked up this table at a thrift store and had it white for a while. Then I 'antiqued' it and applied wallpaper to the top and the shelf underneath. Finished it off with trim around the side.

Here is our sitting room. During the Spring/Summer it is all decked out in pastels...the Autumn/Winter time bring out the darker side of my personality...

Yee-Gads! I don't know why there is all this space between pictures! Arrrggg!!

Another view of the sitting room...

Here is a fall vignette on our kitchen counter...I love the verse....

Another vignette...I picked up the vintage calendar at a thrift store. Picked up the bird at Joann's and added some copper colored glitter for a little birdie-bling.

More vignettes in the family room....

And here is the views of our family room...I'm afraid to move the pictures closer together for fear they won't enlarge if you click on them.

If anyone has any advice on how to manage these, I'd appreciate it!!

So just keep scroooooolllllliiiiinngg down....

Keep going, you're almost there..... we go again....

I hear the Jeopardy song playing.... ;-0

Our kitchen table....

And here are a few pics of our formal dining room...

I squished that last three pics together, so you won't be able to enlarge. I am so sorry about all the spaces between pictures!

Hope you enjoyed the 'tour' anyway....I had fun playing!

Check out Hooked on Houses blog for other fabulous fall tours!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Hi Myrna,

    You have such a lovely home.

    I love your kitchen counter vignette and the colors in your kitchen are just so warm over all..heart that:)

    Blogspot is so weird sometimes, if you go in and just hit 'delete' where all of the space is a few hundred times (lol), it will get rid of the

    Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home,

  2. Loved the pictures! You have decorated beautifully. I wondered if I loaded my pics wrong...they are totally opposite of what I wanted! Mimi's garden always says that "they" see her come online and start messing with the post as she is doing it....just to drive her nuts!!!

  3. beautiful home! thanks for the tour. happy autumn!

  4. You will see in my post today that I was complaining about the same thing. Pictures coming on in reverse order. So I clicked in reverse order from what I wanted to make it come out the way I wanted it in the first place. I don't know if that makes sense. I also had a lot of space, but did the delete thing that bella casa suggested. I was also able to switch the order of pictures by doing a click and drag as well.

  5. Oh, I enjoyed your tour. We share a love of secretary's. Mine is similar. I wanted to enlarge the lidded wicker basket but it doesn't enlarge. I looked quickly on my lunch here at work. I will take the slow tour at home this evening. Loved seeing the pics of your 'loo'. Love the lace! Thanks for the tour!!

  6. Your home is lovely - and all of your little vignettes are, too. :)
    I really love your bench all decked out for fall!
    Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  7. Hi Myrna,
    I adore your home and loved the tour today. I too had the same thing happen with my pictures. lol
    It took me a while to figure it out and I still don't know if I did.
    I adore that old sewing machine vinette. I study your pictures every time I see them not wanting to miss any details.
    Have a great day my friend.

  8. Oh honey! Don't worry about it. Your home is so beautiful it was worth the wait while scrolling ;)

    Your vignettes are gorgeous!! Thank you for the tour :)

  9. What a beautiful home! So many details and so welcoming!!
    We had trouble with our spaces too - it was a real hassle - and we deleted several pictures trying to tighten it up - yikes!! Who said blogging is easy??
    Have a great weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

  10. I love your fall decorations and the "tea room". Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely home. KV

  11. You have such a lovely home, and clearly you love to decorate for the holidays! :-) I love that. I have to say, the Give Thanks Scrabble tiles are mon favorite!

    Thanks for the tour!

  12. Hi Myrna...Great tour...loved it! I'm with Rue...the scrolling was totally worth it!!!
    BTW, I used to have some pretty large gaps between my pics. I discovered that if I look at the HTML view, there were all these
    < p > things in there and they created the gap. I deleted them in the html view and it moved stuff up to where it should be on my post. Hope that help. Try it on a test post...not the real see if that will help. Blogger isn't always the most user friendly! Thanks again for the wonderful tour of your home and I have you down for TT tomorrow! Susan

  13. Ohhh, lovely home! I'm in awe of your front porch & your collage on the wall is so doable! (I enlarged the pic & noticed that you used a plate rack...very clever! I'm stealing that idea!)

  14. Your home is so lovely. I really enjoyed the tour. Have a wonderful day.
    Jean in Virginia

  15. Just took your tour of your lovely home and loved it. THank you for all the detail pictues! The verses all around your home are wonderful too!

    blessings to you!

    mary :)