Monday, October 20, 2008

Elk Grove..Part One

So, on Saturday, my Mom-in-law, Darlou and I motored down to the Old Town of Elk Grove..our first stop was at The Red Door--with whom she's friends with the owners (who were out of town at the time)...

and filling in for the owners was Kelly a sweet gal I met online after she saw my feature in Vintage Indie...she makes beautiful vintage jewelry..(you can see some behind us)and more here....
and here's a closeup....her blog is Sweet Addie Vintage and she sells on Etsy, too!
Here are a few more pics of the shop--I haven't even shown half of what I took! If you want to see more--let me know! ;-)

Lou-lou Belle took me to lunch at a cute place called the Red Brick House..we feasted on grilled eggplant sandwiches and garden salad...YUM!
We had a lovely time--the weather was perfect for strolling about.
Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two--another cute store!!


  1. Myrna, Thank you for your visit and sweet comments. What a wonderful time you had. The shop looks great, many treasures. Yummy eggplant. Waiting for part II. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

  2. Thanks for taking me on your road trip! What fun - looks like a great shop. Sally

  3. Oh so many goodies...
    And i nearly wet myself when in one of the pic's from the red door showed iron pedestal s with the glass domes!!!!!!!!!!!
    As I am in oz it probley does'nt really help me but i have wanted some of them and can't find anywhere/one that sells them!
    So I just took a good long look at them in your photoand drooled over them!

  4. Looks fun! Maybe sometime when I am in that area I can try to remember to visit that shop. Loved the pictures. Looking forward to seeing the rest.