Saturday, March 27, 2010

Valentine Design~Building Beautiful Blogs...

Remember when I had my blog makeover? I wrote about it here.
Well, now my friend, Karen, has started her own blog makeover business and I just wanted to spread the word! It's called Valentine Design. She is a sweetheart and will work with you in whatever changes you'd like. For instance, I loved my header, done by Tiffany, because she incorporated my business card in the design, and she was the one who helped me set up my blog in the first place! ;-) And I didn't want to change that. Karen worked around it beautifully and now I just LOVE how my blog looks!
Karen is so talented and will be so tickled to see what she can do with the look of your blog!
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Hi Myrna! Thank you so much for the shout out sweetie. I really appreciate it. Things are going really well. I'm doing a nice mix of full blog re-do's and just little face-lifts! I've been having such a great time working with everyone. There's only one problem.... I don't have the time to visit all my favorite blog friends like I used to ! Hey, I have some email me buttons for free over on the blog. If you want, come over and get one and you can link it to your email so when your friends want to contact you, all they have to do is click on it.
    I hope you are happy and healthy. (You sound like it) Take care and have a great weekend.

    Valentine Design
    My Desert Cottage

  2. Hi Myrna, Karen really is talented! I've always loved her blog style. Yours looks great too. She did a great job. I really admire people who can get to the heart of people and help them bring it out.
    I always enjoy your blog and your visits to mine.
    Have a wonderful weekend!