Monday, March 22, 2010

Met Monday..Jenni's House Part One

My good friend, Jenni, is a newlywed and recently moved into their brand new home! She's extremely creative and talented..(she painted the bunny picture). She called me one day asking for my help. She had created and collected some great stuff to decorate her new home, but when she moved in it was overwhelming with so many choices. Not to mention she works full time and is going after her Masters!
I can relate. I remember when we moved into our home I didn't know where to start first.
Gleefully, I drove right over!! ;-)
This is their formal dining room, with all the fun stuff I got to work with!
She and Brian (her husband) painted the walls in chalkboard paint. She plans to draw in 'paneling' in chalk on the walls. It will look fabulous!! But in the meantime, I think it looks pretty cool. We found the dining chairs at a thrift store. I showed her how to paint and recover the seats. I love the color combination she chose!
Okay, so the above are the 'before' pictures...
And below are the 'after' pictures:

I wanted to make her bunny picture a focal point for the room. The shelf below  is a bookshelf turned on it's side. The fabric draped over the side is a pillow sham she had..I loved the graphic touch. All the white pottery were wedding presents and Jenni created numerous terrariums in various sizes.

Another view of the room. Jenni covered the lampshade in the corner in moss. So cool!!

I just scrunched up some leftover burlap she had to make a tablerunner of sorts, show-cased her terrariums on a pedestal plate, and suggested she get red candles to go in the glass candle holders.

I just LOVE those chairs!! ;-)
Here is the view from the other side, looking into the entry. Jenni had these panels she'd made awhile ago.
My daughter, Courtney, had taught her to crochet and she made a bunch of darling flowers and had them bagged up, not knowing what to do with them. I suggested she pin them to the panels and this was the result!
A close up of the panels.
So that's part one of Met Monday. Next Monday I'll show you what I did in her living room. If you like Anthropology, you're gonna love this!!  I had a blast decorating her home, and now she's encouraged and motivated to keep going! I can't wait to see what she does! :-)
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Have a great day!


  1. WOW! Wahat an impact this room makes!! It is not my personal style but I think it is gorgeous!!

  2. Too much fun! You are inspiring me to throw out everything and go Thrift shopping! I love that you guys looked at things in new ways!

  3. LOVE it!! She has such a cute style and you did such an amazing job helping her put it together!!

    Love you,