Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day at Judy's

I spent the day yesterday at Judy's....exchanged gifts,
This cute box~which she MADE!
And inside...
..a sweet Valentiney sign, but I think it could be used all year round!!
Here's the back..which is just as cute. Of course, she made this too!!
I gave her a little gift as well..
another mini pocket album..(I'll show you the whole thing in another post)
We have such fun with each other..exchanging gifts,craft ideas, and secrets! She hears things from me that I don't tell anyone else. I know she loves me THAT much!! ;-)
She had the table all set for us and the teapot was filled with fragrant tea.
Lunch was homemade Butternut Squash soup (one of my favorites!)..and I mean homemade, as the squash came from their very own garden!
And when I sat down..a delight to my eyes! She had made this adorable frame with pics of Steve and me and our darling granddaughter!!
And next to it is a picture of my mom and Judy taken on Judy's 50th Birthday. It sorta felt like my mom was there. Judy misses my mom as much as I do. Somehow that brings me comfort.
Spending time with Judy nurtures me, strengthens me,and makes me want to be a better person.
She exudes grace and gratitude.
She makes her life an art form! Through cooking and homemaking, decorating and crafts, she's used every one of those talents to bless whoever the Lord brings across her path..and I'm one of them!
Judy graciously allowed me to photograph her guest room. She made the quilt and the pillows..

She painted the chest next to the bed..

Don'tcha just love it?

I think most of the angels she made..

See the one on the left that says "In God We Trust"? She made that one out of a PAPER BAG!!
She cut out the shape, painted in the detail, then stuffed with batting to give it dimension. Clever gal!

She also stenciled the scripture verse and stars on the wall.
AND she painted the angels on the closet doors!!  I LOVE this room!! ;-)
And I'm thrilled I was able to share Judy's talents with YOU!! Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for a wonderful time, Judy! I love you!! :-)


  1. Dear Myrna, I think I love Judy too! What a lovely person-and a beautiful bond you have. That is truly a treasure. Her art is terrific and her house is lovely. I feel like I had a visit too. Thank you!

  2. Good Evening my friend...girl I loved seeing your friend Judi home and all the beauty she created and how special for you to have a friend like that...Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful warm home with us pass me a hot bowl of that soup ha ha!! Hugs and smile to you my friend...Gl♥ria

  3. Such a beautiful home and it sure sounds like you have such a beautiful friend! How nice it is to have a friend like that!

  4. Myrna amor, your friend Judy seems like a true heart! How wonderful that you got to spend such a lovely day with her...the gifts you made for each other are full of love...I miss my best moved to Arizona and the other one to Riverside, but as often as we see each other now, it might as well be the other side of the world :) I miss them both ALOT...yet when we see each other it is like no time had passed and we are talking, laughing, eating and sharing our most sacred secrets with each other :) I am so glad that you get to spend time with your friends that you love :) Thank you for your sweet visits Myrna...they truly meant the world to me, because I know you honestly understood me and that means alot! Besos, Rose

  5. Hi Myrna,
    I can see that you two, had a wonderfull day, such beautifull gifts you are giving each other.Such a friend is the best in life,- I do have one too-a soulsister...

    Congratulations with your husbond.
    xo Dorthe

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