Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mail love...

I got an early birthday gift in the mail yesterday, from my friend Toni!
This is the front of the birthday card...she took this picture when she was visiting in Georgia...isn't it so serene and peaceful?

Inside the beautiful package were these lovely candlesticks!! So pretty and spring-like!
Toni explained that she rescued them from a friend's Goodwill box~She saw them and thought of me...I love hand-me-overs!!! ;-)

I immediately put together an arrangement on the kitchen table...

(Playing with Picasa photo settings)
Thanks, Toni, for your thoughtful gift!!
The same day I recieved a package from a Giveaway I'd won from Mlle Magpie...

A set of vintage French books!!

I love the aged paper and rough edges..Thanks, Zita!! ;-)


  1. Myrna amor, what lovely gifts you received! You deserve it all amor, I am the worst at posting my treasures and my gifts, but I take the worst pictures and I am afraid I won't do these lovely things justice :( Hey you should come to my casa and photograph them for me :) Besos, Rose

  2. ... she certainly knows how to tend your soul ... hope it was happy

  3. Everything is so lovely. I love your blog it is so neat and pretty.

  4. Happy Birthday my Dear friend...and does Toni know you or what...girl I was looking at that 2lip lamp shade in your background just beautiful...May you have a Blessed Easter girl...I'm spending mine in front of a Vegas slot machine ha ha!! wish me luck...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Happy Birthday, Myrna! I'm glad you like your vintage French books. It's so nice to receive gifts in the mail, isn't it?!!

  6. Hi Myrna!!! The candle holders look beautiful in your kitchen!! Your sweet friend knows you well ~ and I know you will use the gorgeous old books for something wonderful!!! Wishing you a wonderful Easter sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. I totally pictured those candlesticks in your kitchen! They look glad you like them! It's fun to celebrate birthdays all month.....not just on the day! You are on your way! Love, Toni

  8. What a wonderful surprise to receive vintage French books in the mail. That would make my day, too!

  9. Aren't early Birthday gifts wonderful??? It really helps to stretch out that special day for as long as possible!!! You got some wonderful goodies! I love the candlesticks in the kitchen, and oh... the possibilities with books!! Have fun with them!

    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  10. I love those french books, and the candlesticks looks wonderful in your kitchen!!! What great gifts! Thank you so much for droping by our blog, and for the sweet comment on my purses. Blessings...Daphne

  11. Myrna, what a lovely thing to get packages in the mail! and what lovely gifts! Have a happy birthday and stretch it out as long as you can! Sherry