Friday, March 12, 2010

Karla's Alice Tag Swap

The lovely and talented Karla from Karla's Cottage is hosting a Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap.
We got to make 6 tags with the Alice theme (of course) and send them in by March 10.
These are the tags I made.
Here is the front of the tag. I used vintage wall paper and a vintage image Karla provided from her blog.
And here is the back. I printed out the Rabbit on pink paper and then just colored in his bow in blue to give it a little 'pop'. I printed out book pages from my own Alice in Wonderland book and used that as background. Rubber stamped a clock to tie in with the White Rabbit.
After Karla recieves all the tags, she's going to assemble 6 tags into a little 'book' and send it back. I'm so excited to see what I'll get! You'll be the first to see!! (Well, maybe the second after Steve and the kids!)
As a little 'thank you' gift, I fashioned a  tag of sorts and envelope for Karla.
I covered and old flash card in sheet music, vintage image,background paper, even old pattern~rubber stamped and distressed the sides. The envelope is a 'tithing' envelope that I embellished with old paper, rubber stamps, lace and flowers. The flash card fit perfectly in the envelope!
Here's the back to see what I used. I'd never made that before. 'Twas fun..I may make some more!
Anyhoo, just wanted to share..
 I'm going with Steve on a little business trip to Southern California for a few days....where I will play with Lindy while Steve is in meetings! ;-)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. A nice warm smile to be here today! thanks for posting!!!

    i am grateful.


  2. What wonderful tags, Myrna! They're all just gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  3. Darling tags! :) And I'm sure Karla will be thrilled with her gift. It's lovely!

  4. Just darling my friend...Hope you have a safe and fun trip...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. I've already got your gift tag in my own book, thank you!

  6. well "aint" that just the cutest thang'...

  7. Your tags and goodies turned out really cute! Have you seen the movie yet? It is too much fun!

    yapping cat

  8. I sure love all of the Alice in Wonderland popularity right now! Still haven't seen the new movie yet, but am so excited! Looks like you guys had fun!

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