Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steve's Birthday Surprise

Can you guess?? :-)  When Steve got home from Bible Study Thursday night, Zac, Amy and Lindy were waiting for him!! They had flown up and surprised him!
Oh! Was he thrilled!!
Lindy's three months old and now smiles at you, which will just melt your heart!

Motored up to Amador County for a pasta lunch at our favorite winery...and I'm always looking for photo opportunities..
The great grandparents arrived later that evening, and we all celebrated Steve's birthday at our favorite restaurant, Primo's.

When Lindy was born, we planted a lemon tree in her honor. Thought it'd be fun to take pics as she and her lemon tree grow. Lindy's Lemon Tree! I dream of someday making lemon bars with her and eating them at our tea parties! ;-)
Proud Auntie Courtney
Equally proud Uncle Caleb.
I don't think that sweet baby wasn't on someone's lap or in someone's arms the whole time she was here!!
Oh what a happy, joyful time we had!!
Another great thing.. Steve has a business meeting in SoCal next week, and I get to fly down with him and hang out with this sweet family for two days!!

P.S. Steve would like to thank everyone who was so thoughtful to leave Birthday wishes to him on the last post...Thank you!!


  1. What a little cutie, sugar! Her parents are beautiful also so we know where she got her looks, right, chickee?!

  2. It was the GREATEST birthday gift ever! Thank you Myrn, Courtney and Caleb for keeping it a secret and to Zac, Amy and sweet baby Lindy for coming up to surprise me and share in the celebration. I love you all...Steve, Dad, Grandpa (pick what fits)

  3. What a great surprise. Lindy is darling!

  4. Oh I can certainly see why she was being held by someone the entire time! I want to reach right through my computer screen and hold her! She is absolutely beautiful. What beautiful, huge eyes she has! laurie

  5. Steve sure had a wonderful birthday surprise! Lindy is one precious baby so full of potential and surrounded by love. I loved the picture of Steve holding her. I adore men with little babies. (Don't tell him!)
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. It means the world to me.
    Have a wonderful "business"

  6. Hi , what wonderfull photoes, and what a happy granddad.
    And so sweet of him to comment here.
    Your little jewel, is so cute.
    Myrna, it would be great if you join on June`s wonderfull kind of giveaway.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. You have a wonderful family. What a lovely birthday surprise. I love your idea of the lemon tree, the two of them growing up strong and healthy together.

  8. What a sweet looking family! She is just precious!

  9. What a beautiful joyful baby and looks like she has a beautiful joyful family!! How lucky you all are!! Looks like Steve had a grand birthday!!

  10. Looked like a happy joyful time for all! Lindy is so sweet looking. With all that LOVE she'll be a happy, well adjusted child! Is'nt being a Grandma the best! Toni

  11. Isn't she the cutest:)?!! I love her SO much!! We had so much fun with you guys!! See you in a few more days!

    Love you, Amy