Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy First Day of Autumn!

In spite of the 90+ weather we've been having I have been decorating for fall, burning a pumpkin-scented candle helps.. and I am SO looking forward to hot cider and sweaters!
The first thing I did to start fall decor was change out our sofa.
Here is the before:

All shabby chic and summery...and here is the after:

About 12 years ago we bought this sofa. I loved it because it  could  be ordered in whatever slipcovers you wanted, and could do a mix and match at no extra charge! So we chose this cover in rich, dark colors. And then around summertime we ordered a creamy damask. I love to be able to change the look as the mood strikes! I am now in the mood for rich, dark colors of victorian. I am ready for getting  cozy and hunkering down for the winter. I'll be showing you the little changes I've done in our family room this week.

We moved up to Northern California 4 years ago after spending most of our married life in Southern California~ almost 20 years of it in San Diego. I often get asked  1. Did we move here on purpose? (yes)
and 2. Don't I miss the weather in San Diego? And my answer : No.
I have always loved the seasons, and missed the dramatic changes of the seasons when we lived in So. Cal.
I always likened the changes in seasons to my hope and trust in God. As in 'seasons of life' you always know there will be a change coming. Just as sure as I am that this hot weather of summer trying to cling on for dear life is going to fade into the cool, crisp relief of autumn, so do the various joys and sorrows that come in Life.

I love Ecclesiastes 3. I love that God put it there to remind us that, just like the seasons, there is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven.

 And I am SO grateful it's time for fall!!


  1. I love the Fall too. It has been so hot, it is hard to remember its September. I live about 1 hour South of you. Have a nice day. sandi

  2. Well, here in the desert it is still really hot too, but I do know that Fall is really coming and our temps will finally cool down. I love that you can change your sofa. How wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  3. when is happy hour?

    I wanna just put my sock feet up on your sofa and lounge


  4. Looks lovely around your space.
    I like Fall too but will wait till next week, after the wedding this weekend to start my decorating.
    Enjoy !

  5. Myrna, other than the mornings being chilly....I would never know Autumn was here...not with it being 97 today lol But I still am trying to make my home more fall like. I love your fall decore, I adore the more dark luxurious materials and rich beautiful colors. Your home looks beautiful, please share more pictures :) Rose

  6. Hi Myrna
    Yes a time for everything. Today is a time for sewing for me. Thanks for joining the party.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  7. We live in the deep south, so no changes in seasons here. But I do love the fall colors. I love your little Ecclesiastes picture. Very fitting. Happy Fall!