Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Nesting Party

Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting a Fall Nesting Party to get us all 'in the mood' for fall decor!
My mom-in-love was recovering from minor surgery yesterday, so I took the opportunity to bring her lunch, and decorate her house for fall. I made this tag for her last year..
In her living room I just changed out the candles from soft blue to burgandy..and refreshed her flower arrangement to fall colors...
Added fall leaves and gourds to a little angel vessel...

This is the centerpiece now on her dining table..
A close up.
I pulled everything off her mantle and put garland and lights up...
A close up of the mantle..
And a little arrangement on her kitchen counter..
..and inside her hutch.
Now I'M "inspired" to get my own house decked out for fall!! ;-)


  1. Really I have to get into the basement and find my fall decor too!

  2. Awe aren't you such a sweetie! I know she must have been thrilled.

  3. What a nice thing for you to do, and I'm sure it made her feel better immediately! You did a wonderful job with everything. laurie

  4. How sweet to do that for her. I must say I wish I had an angel to come and help me with my fall decorating...because on my own, I am doubtful! I am sure you made her day!

  5. Thank you so much for paying me a visit over on my blog. Been doing some snooping around on your blog, LOVE your latest tablescape! I'm totally stealing it! ;-)
    ~ Anne

  6. Goodness, would you come do my house now? You did such a beautiful job making the areas look so fresh and fallish. That was such a kind expression of love on your part. I aslo,really liked the tag that you made her. My art room is being revampted right now so I can't get to my goodies to make anything, just yet. I am chomping at the bit to get busy.

  7. You are a very talented lady. I am following you blog. Have a nice week. Sandi

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