Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Ditty...

A friend of mine, Kathy, calls something you buy for someone that costs under $5.00 a "Ditty".
I was going to visit a friend this morning and thought I'd like to bring her a little sumpn'-sumpn', and my eye landed on a little magnet I'd made.
She's a bird lover and I thought this magnet would be perfect...but how to wrap it? I ventured into my studio and found a stack of matchboxes that I'd purchased from the Dollar Tree. In just minutes I had covered it with a bit 'o' sheet music, a tiny vintage image, a lil' sticker and itty-bitty ribbon flower.

Here's the magnet in this photo (above). Of course I had to line the inside of the box, too! ;-)

So, there ya go!

Just sharing a little Ditty for you...that costs only pennies!!!


  1. I have always loved little ditties! That is such a precious idea! I don't know why I have always been drawn to small items!! So cute!

  2. What a pretty little ditty!! The box is just as great as the ditty!!!

  3. Myrna,
    That is a darling little ditty!
    Great job.

  4. Oh Myrna....I LOVE your ditty!!!! What a sweet lil' gift...and so thoughtful ~ that's what a ditty is, a sweet thoughtful goodie to give a treasured friend! hugs and love, Dawn

  5. I had never heard that definition of a "ditty" but I love it! I KNOW she will love it...sharon

  6. Darling! You always bless people (and friends like me) with special gifts! YOU'RE the BEST gift of all! Toni

  7. dandy little ditties!!! great idea!

  8. This is two ditty in one! Love the pretty box. laurie

  9. Aren't match boxes fun to cover? Yours is the perfect little gift box!