Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Pics of "My Favorite Things"

As promised, here is the interior of Tina's wonderful and whimsical store~ My Favorite Things~

Many of the creations are Tina's wonderful designs, and can be purchased on her website! I purchased an adorable birdhouse kit that I cannot WAIT to create!!

This is the back of the store..if you look closely, you can see Tina behind her counter....

Here is Tina's Wall of Fame! ;-) Magazines and newspapers she's been published in.
Be sure to check out her blog and website--she has so many darling things for sale!!


  1. What a TGreat store ,so many wonderful things.

  2. What a wonderful store, I'm so glad I found you and this post. Mandy x

  3. Oh, I wished I lived closer. I could spend days upon days in a store like that.

  4. Myrna,

    What a fabulous shop!! I'd like to be a hideaway! the one living under the staircase or something so I could breath in the loveliness each day!


  5. I could get happily lost in that marvelous place!!! Thanks for sharing and come visit when you have a moment!

  6. It must take forever to browse this store with so many beautiful things to look at. Thanks for the tour. Sally

  7. OMgoodness...dreamy

    it's hard to balance summer and blogging, but I'm out to change all that today