Friday, August 15, 2008

My Sanctuary

There is no sanctuary of virtue like home. Edward Everett

This is our master bedroom--my sanctuary. The top picture is the view from the doorway in. There is a balcony through the sliding glass doors--if you want to see more of that click here.

We recently re-arranged the bedroom...the bed before was placed kiddy-corner where the large chair is now. The 'canopy' is a very old coverlet that we tacked up...I love how it softens and 'romanticises' (is that a real word?) the bed.
Almost all the rooms in the house were already wallpapered when we moved in...I couldn't believe the blessing that it was all done in 'my' colors--including this bedroom!! I love the Victorian look--I often describe my decor as Victorian/Cottage...and-- except for a brief stint of primitive country in the '80's-- that has been my style for the past 30 years. It's wonderful to find a style that "feels" right to you...and everything I have will 'go' anywhere in my house. It's fun to shop in my own home when I get the urge (as I often do) to redecorate!

So that's the little tour of my boudoir--hope you enjoyed it. I LOVE looking at your rooms in your homes--we can always glean ideas from each other...and even feel like we've just 'visited' in person!!

By the way, thank you for your 'sympathy' about my burns! I went to the Dr. as one of them was looking pretty some medicine for it to facilitate the healing. It'll just take time...


  1. Your bedroom is so clean!!! And beautiful of course....Makes me want to get to my eternal ironing pile. I think there might be an exercise bike under there!

  2. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love the canopy above the bed. Looks like a good size room. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your bedroom is so beautiful. Love your taste in decor. Ouch on those burns, I hope they are getting better. When you said your skin came off with the glue, I just winced!! Burns really hurt. Love your beautiful home Myrna!

  4. Your bedroom is very romantic and beautiful. love the canopy. Sorry to read about your burns, hope there are getting better.
    Have a Happy Weekend, Virginia

  5. Myrn, I love what you did to your bedroom. It looks great. I like your bed that way, better than where it was before....good job.....LI

  6. Love the new look.....a "bit" more simplified than your other it! Great job.

  7. Your bedroom is soooo romantic! I love it. I am the same way with my county/romantic/shabby/french/ antiques! LOL! They all move around the house. I wouldn't part with any of them. The idea about the canopy is to die for! LOVE IT!