Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I was gifted..

By Miss Becky of Just Bee 'n Me! When I returned home from our trip (see previous post) there was a huge box waiting for me. Inside were the contents of the birthday giveaway that I had won from Becky, and she was waaaayyyy generous with her goodies! It was so delightful to open all the sweet packages!!
Included were a box of stationary cards, prints and framed art--ALL her original artwork! A darling 'decorating journal' she had created (close-up to follow)
Stickers, a darling pedestal rose plate with a ribboned and bejeweled glass dome, a box of vintage lace, ribbon, jewelry, buttons, a sweet tiny teacup and tiny domed plate-perfect for surprising Steve with a couple of chocolates--two beautiful embroidered napkins (Oh Becky! If you lived closer I'd use them when I served you tea!)
Here is the close-up of the Decorating Journal...she enclosed a sweet personal note inside..
And the back is just as cute! Oh! And look what she made for a book mark! It's a paint sample strip! Isn't that too clever?!
And, with a humorous nod to me recent fiasco with a glue gun--she sent me glue sticks with a sweet bird attached!!
Thank you, Becky, for all the wonderful goodies you sent! I am thrilled beyond words to receive your original art--I am truly blessed by your kindness!!


  1. Wow, that was generous! Lucky, lucky you.

    Have fun with it all.

    What a nice gift to come home to.


  2. My goodness!!!! What a wonderful giveaway chock full of treasures!! I'm so glad you won dear Myrna, xxoo, Dawn

  3. Hiya Myrn!

    Welcome home!! So glad you had a great time in Nashville...it's wonderful there from what I remember...

    I am so glad you liked the blog birthday goodies - I had such fun putting it all together. Thanks for the lovely write up and photos - you're such a sweetie!!! It was a pleasure having you as the winner!!

    Big hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  4. Hello Myna,
    You certainly were blessed! What a wonder package. I saw your trip picts they are wonderful...looks like so much fun. I would delighted to take some photos of my moms cabinet for you.Enjoy San Diego Pinkie

  5. Ooh you hit the jackpot. I was just in your neck of the woods this past weekend. Did you hear me honk and see me wave? :)