Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to the Porch Party!!

I just found out that Barb, over at Grits and Glamour (love that name!) is having a porch party.
I'm busy getting ready for a garage sale this week, so I thought I'd re post a blast from the past Porch Party I participated in last June!
So Welcome to The Porch Party (revisited) ;-)

Come in! Come in! And have a seat!

I have some Iced Tea for you and cupcakes with NO calories! ;-)

This is a little assemblage I made in a birdcage my best friend, Laura, gave me...a floral plate, a ceramic bird and some greens...

Here's the spot where I like to have my "quiet time" in the mornings...

Or, over here, for a different view.... I love hydrangeas--two or three cuttings and you have a whole bouquet!

There is a big oak tree in our back yard that gives great shade...but also alotta leaves when it's windy-which it was today...

Roses from the garden...they smell so sweet!

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check on Grits and Glamour for more porch decor!!

P.S. When Steve came home from work, he brought Chinese dinner....and liked the balcony so much he wanted to eat there!!


  1. Hi Myrna
    You are linked up now. Sorry for the mistake. Yours is such a beautiful romantic porch. I Love the chaise. It is a perfect place foe quiet time. I have a chasie for my quiet time in the morning too. I am so glad you joined the party.
    HUgs, Rhondi

  2. Your porch is just lovely! I so enjoyed seeing all of your special decorating touches! My eyes zoomed right to that sweet pitcher and glasses set and of course, the calorie-less cupcakes! Your lounger and side table are terrific and look so inviting. What a great area you have. I loved my visit!

  3. Hi Myrna,
    Your porch is just lovely. Very romantic looking and inviting.

    The Chinese food sounds great out on the porch too ;)

    Happy day!

  4. the cupcakes and flowers look amazing!! :) Beautiful post!

  5. Hi Myrna :)

    I love your front porch and I would've liked to eat Chinese (or anything for that matter) out there ;)

    I was looking at your posts and I think you posted your book shelves on rate my space. Is that you or am I crazy? wait... don't answer that LOL

    Have a beautiful day,

  6. Beautiful!! And cupcakes with NO caleries?? Hmmm.... I just may have to sneak 2!!
    Have a great day!
    -Heather :)

  7. Oh goodness...living here in the "rainforest" of Houston heat and humidity and ever falling pine needles does not lend itself well to having such pretties outdoors, at least in the summer - but I would dearly love to be able to enjoy such glorious outdoor yumminess! You've done a lovely job with your porch space - I could get seriously inspired and have wonderful quiet time hanging out there!! Really beautiful Myrna! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Oh my goodness! More cupcakes! You know, now, I'm going to have to bake some.

    Great porch! I posted our favorite porch from our former house, but I may be too late to make the list.

    Pop on over if you get a chance to check it out!


  9. Hi Myrna... Just getting home from working a funeral dinner at my church and sure could use your lovely deck. I have not been able to complete my porch or deck as our weather just will not settle down here. We have the pool open but the solar cover is still on and the helicopters are done but the stems are falling and I just can't get things cleaned up. We have hot humid and storms in our forecast for the next week. It is a hard year so far here but I am enjoying your area. I am about half way through and have 2 other favorites so far.... Enjoy your party... It's lovely...

  10. Hello Sweet Myrna!

    Wow, I had a nice visit with you! The cupcakes were yummy, quilt free! Your porch is darling and cozy and I love how you have the pretty table set up! Love it all! Thanks for having me!

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. so sweet and beautiful! Thanks for the invite...
    xxxooo Ruth

  12. Ok Myrna, we are neighbors and could visit each others porches for real. I just discovered you. I live in the Sacramento area and relocated from So. Cal 30 years ago. Your porch is so comfy looking and you set the table with such pretty things.

    Visit me in blogland ok?
    Kathy b

  13. I love your porch. It is so pretty and calming.

    And, I loved my cupcake. Cupcakes are a favorite.

  14. Hi Myrna, your porch is beautiful and so inviting. After visiting all of you, I have gained so much weight. Thank you for sharing. Have a Blessed Day, Bonnie

  15. A lovely quiet space and the roses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Myrna, your pictures are lovely. Thanks for the cupcakes and the visit.
    Love, Ann

  17. How quaint is this!? Everything looks lovely. Your hydrangeous are a gorgeous shade!
    I'm jealous you had chinese!

  18. Oh how pretty! I just love the pretty spread that you have over the chaise. You have the cutest pillows and tablecloth too! The flowers are extra beautiful. I don't blame your husband for wanting to eat out there!

    Life on Bonnie Lane

  19. Your porch is lovely and your blog is wonderful. I will come back again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful collections. Oh by the way....I love tea too!

  20. Hi!Nice to meet you! your home is so cute! See you I hope you in my porch

  21. Everything looks so pretty. Have a great weekend, T

  22. Beautiful!! Love your banner! Laurie

  23. Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog. I read through many postings - and actually, what I really loved is how you know Donny Osmand's birthday in a snap, but struggle with your own husband's! :-) That reminded me of my love for Lee Majors as a litle girl. I was so sure that IF HE COULD JUST MEET ME, he would fall in love with me too. My childhood friend and I would play "house" and we both loved Lee Majors so much, we both wanted him for our pretend husbands. So we came up with an idea: I would be married to Lee Majors and she would be married to Steve Austin (Lee Major's character in 6 million dollar man series). Anyway, your porch party looks so nice - especially the hydragenias (sp?) - they are my favorite flower.

    Thanks for sharing,

  24. Thank you for the invite. Everything was so yummy. Hospitality was warm and inviting. Enjoyed my visit. XOXOXOX

  25. I love you porch and decorating style. Love your blog. Mumzie

  26. Hi Myrna........I just found your blog thru the Tracy Porter blog. I loved seeing your porch and I only had the time to read your profile (I'll come back)...we must be about the same age...I started a blog due to lack of sleep too! Ahrgg! I am new to all of this but it sure is fun. Erin

  27. Hi !
    I love your layout on the porch....I really like the chair with the white cover - it looks soooo cozy !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  28. what a cozy porch! It makes me want to curl up and just BE. (and for me that is BIG...) lol

  29. Myrna,
    Lovely spot!! And your Steve sounds like my Ron, with the Chinese that is! Bet it was a lovely space to have dinner in. My friend near you has said how hot it has been down there.
    I have a spot on the porch too if we get it cleaned up to use this year.

  30. Hi Myrna,

    What a delightfully romantic porch! I love how you draped your lounge chair with what looks like a vintage chenille bed spread. I have two tired looking chairs that need a lift and you have inspired me to look for some lovely spreads like yours. I am guessing it was a twin size?

  31. Love, love, love your decorated porch! It's so sweet and romantic! A porch party sounds so very nice!

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