Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Day

So yesterday I was flitting around, fluffing the house in preparing for Zac and Amy's arrival. ( Son and daughter-in-love from So. Cal). Changed out a table in the family room and of course needed to change the vignette that went on top. Decided that a lamp I used needed a little bling on the shade. So I plug in the glue gun and find some crystal beaded fringe to glue on the bottom of the shade. I pull up a chair to the table and grabbed the glue gun and squeezed the trigger. ( I might add I was wearing shorts as we are in a heat wave). No glue comes out. I squeeze and squeeze. Nothing. I have a whole stick of glue in there, so I yank it out and push it back in. Hard. Suddenly scalding hot glue projectiles from the gun, landing on my thigh, inside of my left hand and covers my right pointer finger. I have no idea how it got on my right finger . All I knew was I was in excruciating pain....I ripped the glue off my thigh, taking about an inch-length layer of skin with it...same on the inside of my left hand. There was so much glue on my finger it wouldn't budge...just sat there searing into my skin. AGONY!! I'm freaking out from the firefighter Monty (brother-in-law)...voice mail..I leave him an hysterical message... . I call Steve--voice mail..I called his secretary--something I NEVER do and hysterically tell her what happened. She said Steve was in a conference call and would give him a note. Then I call my neighbor, Gloria. She said "I have just the thing, I'll be right over". In the meantime I'm jumping up and down from the pain, sticking my hand in ice water and feeling like I'm gonna pass out. Gloria comes over with Tea Tree Oil--ever heard of it?--anyway-- puts it on my burns--kinda felt like if you'd put alcohol on it--I tell her "You have no idea the words that are swirling around in my head right now!!" ##2%*!!
Then she grabs some baggies and fills 'em with ice for my thigh and my hands. I sit down and begin to sweat profusely and feel really 'funny'...she looks at me and says--"you don't look very good, I think you need to eat something with sugar in it to get your blood sugar up" She gets a granola bar for me and I eat that...retreating to the recliner with ice bags and conversation with Gloria. Steve calls (he put his conference call on hold when he got my note) and gets the scoop. Monty calls much later...told me to keep it cold and vitamin E for the scars.
Gloria stayed well into the afternoon--a blessing!!
So now I'm a bit dis-abled...Zac and Amy arrived sometime in the middle of the night..Steve and I had gone to Costco and bought heat and serve stuff for dinner tonight and tomorrow.
But the house looks fine....--So that was my day yesterday. I can go about 50 more years before experiencing THAT again!!


  1. Oh Sweety......that bling you wanted to add was costly!!!! SO SORRY! Aren't you glad we only have days like that every few years! I banged my head on the corner of the cabinet the other day and those same words were swirling in my head! Take care...let the kids pamper you!
    Love, Toni

  2. Myrna, You poor thing. I feel your pain. Years ago, I was pouring HOT COFFEE in a styrafoam cup which melted on the counter onto his shoulder, I immediately put toothpaste on his skin. It never scared and relieved the pair. I also had an accident this week. Decided to try the pool where I live. I was talking and never noticed a step. I fell flat on my face. Like you, I am still healing. Have a wonderful day. Love and Prayers, Susan

  3. Hey, sweetpea, lavender oil is excellent for the burning to stop and healing. Trust me on this one! Also aloe vera gel is exceptional. Both can be found at WM I think. They are miracle drugs! Geranium oil stops bleeding also. I have a set of oils in my cupboard for just these emergencies, little chick....

  4. Hi - came to your blog through Judy's Postcards Plus. I am so sorry to hear about your accident - it must have been horrendous and very very scary. Hope you're feeling better ....

  5. Me again - I loved your post about your Dad. Happy birthday to him on 23rd August and on your 'coffee days' why not have a quiet coffee with him in spirit ...

  6. I am so sorry Myrna!! Burns are the absolute worst ever...I hope you're feeling better but I know it just takes time for them to even begin to heal. Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

  7. My dear burn victim.....who knew that crafting could be so dangerous. I'm so sorry you went through that. I'm glad Gloria was there to help calm you.

    Please be careful with the superglue.
    I love you

  8. Hi Myrna... I am sure you are on the mend by the time you read this but thinking of you and wishing you well. I know you were hurting... I have never been burnt by the glue gun to that extent but have many time lost skin from them ... Take care my dear friend....

  9. Who says that crafting is for the weak of heart! That sounds just awful. I know that I have burned myself with the glue gun a couple of times but nothing like that. I'm sorry!