Saturday, August 2, 2008

I humbly accept....;-)

I've been having 'puter problems lately, but managed to get online to find that my sweet friend, Jann from A Vintage Heart has bestowed upon me this lovely award! ;-) Thank you, Jann! Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me...and a world of friends that are so kind, caring,thoughtful, encouraging, inspirational, quirky and funny! There have been times when I've felt discouraged, and then read a blog that was JUST the thing God wanted me to know. Others who are so witty and find humor in everyday life, that it brightens MY day with a chuckle when I read them. Other's whose art is so amazing and beautiful that it moves me to tears. You are all SO BLESSED and so gifted in many ways, and it's a joy to witness that blessing spill onto other's lives.
I am now to post and send on this award to 7 other bloggers. This is a difficult choice to make as there are so many of you who bless me. ...


  1. myrna!
    my goodness! words fail...we thank you most sincerely.
    blogging is THEE most fun, and you are has been such a blessing to meet so many kind, generous and like-minded women.
    thank you!
    we truly appreciate the spirit in which this award was given :)
    blessings & love,
    karla (& kristi)

  2. Hiya Myrn!!!! OoooooWeeeeeee, what a Special Treat you have for me!!!!....and some others I see too! :)
    Thank YOU so very much and I am so glad you entered the Blogging world, pretty fun huh! It's been so much fun to take a peek into your world as well, thank you so much for sharing that and this Sweet award!!
    Your the BEST!
    Hugs and Happy Sunday!

  3. what a gracious heartfelt blessing this is! i am truly humbled & honored. this wonderful world of blogging ~ is sucha blessing! even tho we have not met ~ it is like we have known each other (blogger friends) for a long while. everyone is of such caring, giving spirit ~ there to encourage & inspire one another. thank*u m'dear sweet friend! look forward to visiting you & seeing all your loves & creativeness! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  4. Hello sweet friend!

    THANK YOU so much for this great award!! You are such a sweetie...I am deeply honored and just thrilled!

    And, you may want to pay a visit to Just Bee 'n Me just may be pleasantly surprised!!!

    Let's just say I'm going to be needing your address :o)

    Thanks again...I wil post about the award very soon!!!

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Becky S.

  5. And the award goes to Myrna....I believe that whoever gives the blogger award should recieve because the person giving gets the real RE-ward....thank you dear friend

    .....I'm sure I've made some new friends because of you

  6. ooooppppsss

    .....receive spelled correctly

  7. Congats on your award! Glad I found your pretty blog! I enjoy creating collages and antiquing, too. I moved to Texas from Sacramento about 5 years ago, and I miss it and my family who lives there!