Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas in July

So about a month ago, when we were rafting down the American River instead of camping, the kids came up with a fun idea-- have a Christmas in July...on the 25th! Dinner, gift exchange, the whole sha-bang. We drew names from a hat and the catch was we had to buy our gifts for the person we had drawn at a thrift store or garage sale!! Our limit was $10-$15.

I roasted a turkey breast, ham and served appetisers, Steve made mashed potatoes, Courtney (front of pic) made Sweet Potato Bake, our friends, Jenni and Brian (in back of pic) brought brussel sprouts,corn, stuffing, and dessert of apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake, and Kristen and Caleb (left of pic) brought the sherbet punch and Pistachio Salad. We ate our dinner with Christmas music playing in the background..
After dinner we adjourned to the family room to open presents!
Kristen had Jenni...
Jenni had Steve.....
one of the gifts Jenni got Steve was a Santa tie that lights up!!
Steve got Courtney--she loves the "How to Host A Murder" game--and found two of them at a thrift store! (Well, CALEB found them and sold them to Steve) ;-)
I had drawn Caleb's name..he'd been wanting a land-line phone--I found this old one at a garage sale...they've got a cute old home and decorated it all vintage-style, so this will fit in perfectly!!Brian had Kristen's name--here they are before she opened her presents from him....we all got several gifts--it's amazing how much you can get at thrift stores and garage sales for under $15!
And Courtney had my name. These are all the gifts she gave me! I was thrilled! She knows me SO well!!
A fun time was had by all....


  1. That looks like it was so much fun!! Wish we were there!

    Love you,

  2. that sounds sooo fun! what a wonderful idea! such great gifts & treasures that were found. looks like everyone had a good time & loved their gifts! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  3. What a creative idea....and how fun to get all thrift store finds. Let's face it, if gas keeps going up.....we just may all be shopping thrift stores for Christmas in December! I wouldn't mind! Love, Toni

  4. Hi there new friend...I'll be be over later with an email about the weight loss issue...I have alot of good ideas and tricks that work for me...it's all about commitment and breaking bad habits( for me)...after work today I'll hop on email!!!

    thanks for your sweet comments.

  5. Hi Myrna.. What a great idea.... How much fun you all looked like you were having and what lovely .. fun memories you are making.... The great sharing of home .. time and love..... How special...

  6. myrna,
    what a great idea! i used to do a little turkey every july...it just seemed too long to wait a whole year to have turkey...but your idea takes it to a whole new level!
    ~the black telephone was a good score...LOVE that old-school telephone ring!~

  7. Hiya Mryn!!!! What a surprise to see you visited today as I was thinking about you and coming to visit YOU today!
    What a great idea for Christmas in July! Looks like tons of Fun! The holidays alwasy creep up on us, but they seem to leave too soon as well!

    My house has actually been changed for along time {I'm just moving verrrry slow at posting new pics on my website}, they have to be a certain size on there and that means double work, you know how that is! Ugh!
    And yep! That is the Gorgeous Paris crystal you gave me hanging from my cabinet!! :)
    I do have {and will have even more pics} of my house sometime....If I can just find more time in the day......geez, where does it go!!?!?! Trying to catch up on stuff and browsing friend's pages....need to "get away" for a while! :)
    Hope your GOOD!!!
    xo Tiff

  8. Hi Myrna!
    What a great idea! Looks like fun! I love how you've arranged the furniture in your living rm, looks great!
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. Hey there! I live near Sac...up in the mountain area. I enjoyed your post and I plan to share the idea with my family. It looked like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a great Idea...sounds like a fine time. And what nice gifts you received.

  11. It looks like you all had a fun time.

    Who say's you have to do things like everyone else. This would be a memory you would never forget. And that's what life is all about.


  12. How fun, Myrna! Check my blog when you get a chance--I have given you an award! Smiles, Jann

  13. You guys made out man!!! Are you going to do Christmas in December then too?

  14. What an awesome family get together!
    Love it! Christmas is my favorite anyway!

  15. Hello Myrna,
    I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog....I love your Christmas in July and the gift exchange from thrift or garage sales. How much fun that must have been and the gifts were great!! My idea of a great gift exchange! Love your pretty home, the wallpaper in your dining room and that buffet...would love to see more pictures. I also found Marietta at Sweet Old Vintage from your blog comments. Vintage/victorian has long been my favorite decor and the two of you have so many pretty pics to see. I have written a book! I'll be back to visit your blog again and again. Have a great evening!!