Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So today I started water exercises at the gym Steve and I just joined. I happen to have fibromyalgia and heard that working out in the water is the best thing for it. I'll let you know.
I did have fun...everyone was warm and friendly--(like everyone here in blog land!)
What is it about starting something new? I mean, I still go through the 'feeling like a dork' routine. I start out that way and have to talk myself back into reality. The good thing is, I talk myself out of it pretty quick. But my knee-jerk reaction is insecurity. Am I the only one?

Then later this afternoon I cashed in my gift cert that Steve had bought me for Christmas and got an aromatherapy massage.....oooohhh---aaaahhh! Lavender--my favorite!

Tomorrow I'm getting the guest room ready for my girlfriend, Toni, who's heading up to Oregon from San Diego this Saturday. She's stopping for a couple of days at my house.
I'll post pictures of the guest room for ya....stay tuned!

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