Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Room Part 2

I forgot to mention--we usually have a white iron antique bed, but our son Caleb, and his wife, Kristen are borrowing it while they're living in a tiny house built in 1911! Some day I'll show you pics of their cute place! In the meantime, we're storing their modern queen-size bed. The wood doesn't match, so I just covered it up with white bedspreads.

Also, the window treatment that you can see in the previous post was made for our master bedroom when we lived in San Diego. Steve made the valance out of wood and I covered it with batting and fabric. I then embellished it with buttons and doilies that belonged to my mother. When we moved into this house, it fit perfect!

A beautiful wedding sentiment....
Pictures of Zac (our oldest) and his lovely wife, Amy...they live in Seal Beach..

Photos of Caleb and his beautiful wife, Kristen. We're happy that they live in town!!A close up of the bottle collection and photos....
A wedding picture of my grandparents. I leave chocolates by the bed for guests....I re-wrap them with decorative paper. Just a little something special--to make our guests feel special....
I made this guest's fun to read our friend's and family's thoughts, reactions, thank you's....

The back of the guest book....and the sentiment we hope our guests leave with!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Myrna.. Love the guest book... neat idea... and the chocolate. What a nice small way to pamper and if you want you can snitch one on a bad day....How yummy...

  2. I just found your blog and quickly added you to my list of favorites.

    I adore your guest room. It's just like a romantic B&B. Love the water bottle idea! How fun.


  3. Your guests must feel like royalty staying with you! Hope you have a great weekend! ~Jann

  4. I just love your photos. Stacey and I are heading down to Pasadena, Dana Point area the end of July. Does your son know of an inexpensive motel around the Seal Beach area?? Gas is going to cost a fortune so were trying to cut cost with motels.

  5. the guest book is a lovely idea! And the wood covered with white cloth looks good that way, if you hadn't told us why, we'd have never thought it was just a cover up.

  6. As someone who had the priviledge of staying in that lovely room I can say that I definitely felt like royalty. Myrna is the most thoughtful person in the world! She thinks of everything--even earplugs!

    Sue T

  7. Thanks for your kind comments to my blog. I came and checked yours out and it's really lovely. I'll be coming back.

  8. Hi Myrna, thanks so much for stopping by. I'll be back to visit often. Love all your decorating, Theresa