Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Art

Here's some pics of my art....and a vanity that I re-did...when I bought it, the side mirrors were broken, and the middle mirror what missing a corner, so Steve painted the whole think pink, and I made 'memory boards' on the side in toile and covered the broken part of the middle mirror in vintage jewelry. A fun project! The shade on the little lamp on the vanity is covered in vintage lace and embellished with a vintage pin. I also make Teapot Fountains, which you'll see in the pics....
(Grin) I must be real proud of the "Dream of Me" shadow box because I seemed to have posted that twice!! Ah, well, I'll get the hang of this!!


  1. Howdy from Texas Myrna!!! (found you from the Feathered Nest) OK, I'm officially in love with your stuff...your house is awesome, your art is fabulous, and you are a real sweetheart... I LOVE the dresser with the memo board sides and mirror bling treatment...NEVER seen anything like that, but now I MUST do that :o)

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to the joy of Blogland - you're getting moved in just fine!!

    May I have the pleasure of linking to your site from mine...? I'll add you to my collage section most likely...that's where I have Dawn and other collage artists I admire. Feel free to link to me if you like what you see...

    I'll look forward to peeking in on you often and seeing what wonderfulness you're up to!

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Becky S at Just Bee 'n Me

  2. Hello from OHIO.. Found your blog through The Feathered Nest... my favorite .... WELCOME.. Love what you have written and the alsome pictures... Just has a look of things I also love. Will add you to my shortcut and keep checking back. I have only been doing this about a month and have so much to learn.... I just keep pushing buttons and things keep popping up everywhere they aren't suppose to but everyone has been kind....... Have a great evening and can't wait for more.....

  3. You were right, Myrna!!! We do have a lot in common in our creativity!! And the one that you pictured twice, I LOVE that piece ~ You are so cute with your friends, I bet you girls had the best time ever. You're doing great at this blogging stuff! xxoo, Dawn

  4. Came to you through Dawn's site, The Feathered Nest, and I'll be back~have a blessed weekend~

  5. Hello from NY! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

    I started blogging in late December, and I'm still figuring things out, but enjoying it very much. It has made me look at my everyday life with new eyes.

    Your art work is wonderful! I loved the card in your first post --what a wonderful way to think about age.... I'm a few years past 50 and cherishing every moment.

    Pat in NY

  6. Wow've found some kindred spirits! Great job on the blog--you got over your technology phobia just fine!