Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My House

So here are a few pictures from around
my house...please be patient while I learn about picture posting...Tiffany, be expecting an email from me!! ;-)


  1. Oooo Myrna....LOVE these pictures! The mantel is beautiful, love everything on there!
    Is that you and Steve with another couple in the Western Cowboy photo?....assuming it's one of those fun dress up pics?
    Also love the little hardback Greece book, it's lovely, I bet it has a great old date in those!
    Everything looks lovely!
    I even like how your banner hangs over at the top, looks very "collage art" looking!!

  2. Hi Myrna! It's so very nice to meet you!! Your home is beautiful and we do have a lot of the same tastes! TiffanyJane is such a sweetie, I won some beautiful goodies from her once. I love her style as well. I will be happy to introduce you Myrna! Blogging is so much fun. I'm sure you've seen though if you've been reading for 6 mos or so. Be sure to visit others, comment on their posts and you will make so many wonderful friends. Thank you for emailing me and introducing yourself. I look forward to seeing many more posts and pics in the future from you!! Welcome to the Wonderful Land of Blog ~ xxoo, Dawn

  3. Thanks Tiff! Yes, that's Steve and me (on the left, blonde and mustached one). On the right are our best friends, Dave and Laura.

    And thank you, Dawn, for your lovely comments and support--looking forward to becoming friends!!

  4. I wanted to stop in and say hi! Great stuff!
    Jen R

  5. Welcome to blogland Myrna! I'm hoping to get one going sometime soon myself. Congratulations and happy birthday!!! linda s.

  6. Welcome to blogland. Love the pictures and your artwork. I look forward to seeing more posts.

  7. I came over after visiting Dawn. Your house is so lovely!! Welcome to Blogging, watch out, its Laurie

  8. Myrna , welcome to the land of blog -- a fun and delightful place -- full of e -friends and eye candy -- I saw your name on Dawn's site -- was a newbie last Nov . now addicted lol --- KAthy - ga also

  9. Hi Myrna, I love your house. You have amazing taste and creativity. I look forward to seeing more from you and visiting your site.