Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Changeable" Art

Remember when I wrote of the cocoa pot that my mom's Aunt Laura gave her in my "Heirlooms" post? Well, this is a picture of Aunt Laura and my mom's cousins. I love, love, love little tiny old things and displaying them all together. This was a funky framed shelf that I picked up at a garage sale, covered the back with scrapbook paper and the inset frame with music sheet. I liked the antiqued gold,so I didn't paint it. What's fun about this open "shadow box" is I can add and/or change out the little doo-dad's on a whim!
There's a little quote at the top that says "Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."

This little cutie is my first attempt at a "Creation under glass" that I did about a year ago... I collaged the little girl picture and put it in a tiny frame, the back is a tag and in the front are two antique buttons. I covered the bottom with text from an antique book--love the patina it has. Again, it's all just propped up in there, so I can change it out. I'm going to make more of these in larger sizes--they're fun!


  1. Hi... Very creative ideas.. I like the shaker filled with pearls and the hat pins. Adds extra bling... Have a great holiday weekend... Keep blogging...

  2. Thanks for visiting me and entering my "give-away". And may I say "WAY TO GO HUBBY!" I'm dying to find out where he found me, please let me know!

    You have very pretty things, I love your banner, I will be by again when I have more time.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Myrna,
    Just saw that you entered my Paris giveaway on my blog. Great! I'll put your name into the box when the day comes to pick a name.
    I'm loving your blog, great photos of your home, you are a lovely decorator.
    (I'm your art pal who lives up near you!)

  4. hi myrna,
    i love the little scene under glass. i have a tiny one but have not gotten around to putting anything in there. yours is great, wonderful colors. and i agree with the bottle with the pearls inside. you clever girl!
    enjoy the day,

  5. Hi there-
    Love all your great decor ideas- your guest bedroom looks SO inviting and cozy;)

  6. You are clever and talented, Myrna! And I had so much fun with you today--I LOVE my ATC and will post it soon. Hugs, Jann