Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Balcony Bedroom

This is the balcony off the master bedroom upstairs...
and this is what it usually looks like. But the heat of summer has gotten to me and I was longing for cool, fresh air. I decided to surprise Steve for his Furlough Friday weekend and turn our balcony into a romantic bedroom!

I wanted a light,romantic cottage look~different from our dark Victorian bedroom. First I looked thru my vintage pillow cases and ironed these darling embroidered ones..spritzing it with sweet smelling linen spray...

a close up of the beautiful embroidered work...I love the sweet birds!!

Then blew up our queen size air mattress that we normally use for camping...put the umbrella behind it, threw mosquito netting over it, pulled out a cute comforter I had packed away~haven't had a place to use it since we've moved here, but haven't wanted to get rid of it either. Then grabbed some pillows to match and ta-da!

Roses from our garden~I could even have a lamp outside because there's and electrical plug to use (which made it easy to inflate the mattress!!)

Not knowing what I had "cooked up" (pardon the pun) Steve called offering to pick up Greek Salad to bring home. I casually said "Great! We'll eat on the balcony!" :-)

I know, I know, I should save this for Tablescape Tuesday, but I just couldn't wait...and it goes with the whole "look" ya know?!
So Steve came home and I pulled back the curtain of our sliding door for effect and Steve said "Wow! Neat! This looks really romantic! Now, where do you want me to put the food?" :-D
You know...a way to a man's heart is thru his stomach!! ;-)
Here are some pics after dark. I gotta get the hang of my camera and learn more about taking better pictures. Anyway ..yellow roses from our garden in a vintage Ball Canning jar...

And how our 'room' looks at night. It was lovely, sleeping out under the stars, fresh, cool breezes wafting about. Dreamy!

I have so much fun creating a romantic life. And I am so grateful Steve appreciates stuff like this!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. How wonderful and how romantic! I would love to have a balcony like that....I know hubby must have loved it!

  2. How cute you've made that! Ohmy, I love that, sugar. But it's way to hot here in southwest Idaho to even sleep outside at night. I could absolutely do the umbrella and netting thing though outside for eating late. Darling, sweetpea!

  3. Myrna- this is gorgeous!! Well done. I love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. Now I'm going back to read more of yours...

  4. Oh what a dream "room" you've created. It is just gorgeous. I can only hope that someday sooooooon it will be cool enough to be outside. You did good, and your DH must have loved it. Hugs, Marty

  5. It is so romantic and such a labor of love. I am sure hubby was delighted at your romantic thoughts. Lovely wife making memories of their own..sharon

  6. What an absolutely charming idea, Myrna! You did such a great job, way to go girl!
    Take Care

  7. Amazingly beautiful! You are so creative--and blessed. Hugs, Debra

  8. Myrna,your outdoor bedroom is just lovely I wanted to do the same thing with the balcony off our bedroom! I was so excited planning it,trying to remember where I have (stashed) put away all my pretty linens...then... reality set in and burst my bubble...Our balcony faces the street, I am sure our neighbors wouldn't mind the view lol but I think I would love something just a lil more private :) So maybe I will plan somethin in our room instead :) Still, thank you for sharing your beautiful idea! Rose

  9. Now that is a great idea! Im gonna make a note of this one. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Absolutely charming! So romantic....I'm sure Steve loved it!

  11. Hi Myrna! I finally had some time to visit some blogs on my favorites list--I haven't been here in so long! Your entry for Mind Wide Open is gorgeous, and I love all your photos on all your posts--you are so very talented! Have a lovely weekend! Love, Jann

  12. How charming and romantic...

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I JUST put up a New Post...
    Have a great day,

  13. Oh Myrna, love this pretty and romantic space.
    Like an old sleeping porch. Beautiful!