Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Musings and Garage Sale finds...

I love this tag! I've made it a few times in one form or another for friends and to sell.
Years ago my friend Toni asked me if I would like to assist her in organizing and having an estate sale for a 90-something year old lady who passed away and, having no relatives, left her house and it's contents to her church (the same church Toni attended.) When she asked me I told her, "Ya know that's like asking an alcoholic to a bar!!" And I quickly accepted!
What fun Toni and I had going thru all this lady's 'stuff'. Her name was Hazel and she was a devout Christian since girl-hood. I have cards and letters that she saved..even the ones she had sent to her parents, apparently she got them back after they died. In the cards to her parents she thanks them for bringing her up in a Christian home, and for being wonderful parents..
There are also cards from her best friend, Mabel, who thanks Hazel for her friendship and the biggest gift she could ever receive, introducing her to the Lord!
I've enjoyed going over the cards and letters from time to time..She seemed to have had a happy and fulfilling life....I found that Hazel had become a nurse and volunteered in Sunday School and traveled a lot. She attended numerous weddings, because she saved not only the wedding announcement, but her place card at the dinner! She was a gal after my own heart--she saved everything!! The graphics are so beautiful--these had to be in the 30's! Sometime I'll scan a few for you to enjoy.
I don't think the above picture is Hazel, but it is one of her relatives...

Many of the vintage wedding pictures in my guest room came from Hazel as well as a few trinkets and treasures scattered about the house. So she's remembered--by someone who never even met her...


Speaking of the guest room, I wanted to share with you what I found at a recent garage sale....

a duvet cover and shams--queen size--for $4.00!! Got 'em washed and thew them on the bed--a nice change from all the white, I thought.

Also, in the picture, is vintage bed tray--also $4.00!!

Don'tcha love a great deal??

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, I love these kinds of estate sales, these are true treasures! Love the altered art piece as well.

  2. What a wonderful tag! so so pretty and that bed look SO perfect for a guest room. I LOVE a great deal!

    xo Heather

  3. What a sweet story--and I love your guest room "goodies"--your tag is beautiful! ~Jann

  4. Love a deal on great finds and you did very well.

    Love the vintage style tag you made and the lovely sentiments of Hazel.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  5. Oh Myrna, what a wonderful story about Hazel. You know, I have a hope that someday, a sweet lady will honor me with keeping her treasures. A secret wish/hope to have the memories/treasures of a lifetime that perhaps no one is interested in and she leaves them to me. Sounds like you had just a part of that with Hazel. What a treasure to have those letters and memories. By the way, if you do scan some letters, I would love seeing them.

  6. Doing that estate sale is one of my favorite memories of time spent togther....unearthing all those treasures! Just so everyone knows, Mabel and Hazel were spinsters and had no known family except one relative to which we mailed photos and pictures we could identify...the rest were unknown and yet treasured by Myrna and I. I love what Myrna has done with in her memory.