Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back...

I'm getting better--just got an annoying head cold now..
Thank you so much for your kind comments, emails and prayers! Wow! I feel so blessed that you took the time to wish me well--You are becoming very dear friends of mine and we haven't even met! I was touched by your thoughtfulness...

So here's what I did whilst recuperating.....went thru thousands (it seemed like it) of magazines..(I am a magazine junkie) and clipped favorite photos and crafts, organized them by categories (bedroom, kitchen, etc) slipped them in protector pages and added them to my Idea Binder. I've had one going for years and had to chuckle when Dawn had posted about her Binder--well, you know what they say..."Great minds think alike!" ;-)

I just finished this last night...had bought the platter at a thrift store, the "Rest in the Lord" plaque at a local antique mall...recently purchased a box 'o' buttons (OLD!) at a garage sale..along with lace trim that I dyed in coffee. Do any of you use coffee instead of tea to give an aged look to white lace? I find I like the color better and it dyes faster. I dyed my lace curtain panels for my living room in coffee and loved how it turned out. Of course, my house smelled like Starbucks for a few days, but nobody seemed to mind...
And this is how I'm displaying the collage platter in my family room. I've been so attracted to brown and white transfer ware lately and have been picking up a few here and there if the price is right, meaning, cheap!

Oh Yes! I just checked out Marietta's blog this morning and whatdiya know--SHE did a collage platter too!! It's that "great minds" thing again!! ;-) Check it out--it's beautiful!!

My daughter-in-love, Kristen is off work this week and asked me to go out with her...she's discovered a neat consignment shop she wants to show me, then off to a new Antique Store Mall that recently opened. So we'll do lunch and hit the shops....I let you know if I find any goodies!
Have a good day!


  1. Hi Myrna,
    its really nice to meet you! ;)
    you have a really lovely blog! thanks for your kind words in mine!

    looking forward to seeing you round. ;)

  2. WONDERFUL.. you are back and feeling better. I have been out in the sun for a hour and thought I better come in and cool it now.... I enjoyed creating my platter. I think I am going to hunt for another one and try it again.. Maybe a give- a - way or for sale on ebay.. Will go searching. You displayed your platter in great style. I am so happy you feeling better. We do eed to take time and pamper ourselves..... I think it is so much better if a woman will take time and do it for herself. For some reason we just require it.... I actually find it in magazines and blogging... I get lost in the pictures and writtings and that is a good thing...because we are ridding ourself of every day stress.

  3. So happy to hear you are feeling better.

    Love your platter. It looks great hanging up there with your other pretty items.

    How nice you have a DIL that likes to do things with you. Hope you have a fun time.


  4. I love your blog...especially the advertisement for the pills. Love the platter too. New here....

  5. I'm sooooo glad you're feeling better now! It's so crummy to be sick. Well, you can thank Patti at Treasure Barn for this, but you've been tagged. Look at my blog! xoxo, Jann