Wednesday, June 4, 2008


To a Front Porch Party!

Rhondi, over at Rose Colored Glasses
is hosting her 1st. Annual Front Porch Party tomorrow, June 5, and I'm participating.
I don't have much of a front porch--it's more like an entry way--so I asked her if I could show my backyard balcony and she graciously agreed! Check out her blog--she will have a link to everyone who's participating.
And please stop by and visit me--I'll have Iced Tea waiting for ya!


  1. Hello Myrna,
    Thanks for visiting me. I read your blog and you are so very close to me.
    I am only a little over an hour from
    Sacramento. I have been wanting to go
    to the Flea Market under the bridge there. Have you ever been? I love flea markets and this one sounds fun.
    Being on Sunday, I am committed to teaching the Youth, so it is hard to get away.I did that cupboard for my mom and would love to do a post on it for you soon. Take care and nice to meet you Pinkie Denise

  2. Love your back porch! I'll have to check out the website!

  3. Whoops, Myrna! I thought that photo was the back porch you were referring to! Sorry . .. Well, I'll have to check back tomorrow. I'd love to join, but I don't have a front porch! Well, I HAVE one, but it's in Idaho--and I don't think I have a photo that I can find right now! Bye! ~Jann