Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Heirlooms and Thoughts About Camping...

We're gearing up to go camping soon, but I wanted to show you my start of re-decorating in our bedroom. Steve rearranged the furniture for me and I've been playing with displaying. This is the top of my dresser. The tea service is from my dear friend, Laura's, mom. Laura is not a "tea person" by nature and when her mom announced she was getting rid of her silver pieces, she thought of me and told her mom (thanks, Laura!). I was so touched to have such beautiful silver bestowed on me! Besides what's shown, I have a coffee pot and another tea pot! I've known Laura's parents as long as I've known Laura (years) and they feel like family to me. So I treat these as heirlooms, too! I will treasure them and if by chance one day Laura's daughter may want them I'll pass them on to her. But until then I'll have fun with them!!
As I mentioned in the beginning we are going camping with our kids and friends....I'm talkin' CAMPING--in a tent--in the middle of nowhere (by a lake) -- with no 'facilities' if ya get my drift. ;-) Just recently I brought up to my husband the possibility of maybe owning a RV someday. We've always tent-camped. My husband is a purist that way. But I got a taste of 'the good life' early in our marriage when Steve's parents took us camping in their motor home. We took a few trips back to see family in South Dakota and I have such fond memories of that! I'm hoping by the time we have grandkids, we'll be more serious about an RV.
But Steve loves getting out in the wilderness where you can't drive a motor home into. And I have to admit, it is lovely, quiet, peaceful and serene where we camp. But maybe someday....
So I'll be back in a few days with pics to share, I'm sure. I feel like I've gotten off the "artsy" part of blogging, but you guys have become friends and I'm enjoying sharing my life with you as I'm enjoying reading about your lives! I'll be getting back to creating and decorating soon and sharing that!
Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes about our anniversary! It really warms my heart to read your comments!!


  1. Hi Myrna... oh you are so brave.... I can't do the camping thing anymore... especially in a tent... I hope you have air mattresses.....I know some people love it ... it is so funny.. when Tom and I first started to see each other 10 years ago that was the one request I ask of him... I said "please don't ask me to go camping" cause I'm not going... we laughed and he said don't worry my days for that are over... Age seems to do that to you... I am envious of the beauty you will see. I can be a daytime camper and go home at night..LOL You will love the time together and by the time you get back I will try to post a few pics for you.... Have a wonderful time ..... I will be in my back yard and soaking in my tub and sleeping in my bed during this time period... Age has spoiled me and sleeping on the ground incures pain....Can't wait for your pics.... Be careful and talk to you soon.....

  2. Hi--I haven't been camping in so long--my husband doesn't like it so much, but I have always loved it--I hope you have so much fun! If you are interested, there's a new challenge site I found called
    You'll have to check it out, and then on Monday, go to and you can do their weekly ATC challenge. Take care, hugs, Jann

  3. Hello Myrna,
    I love to camp! When my son was 1 month old we went tent camping and have been ever since. Last year I spied this R.V. on our way to Chico to grocery shop. It turned out to belong to my brothers friend. It is about 20 years old. So funny you would ask if its vintage. I got a unbelievable deal and brought it home
    a fun family project. I decorated it shabby chic, wallpapered, recarpeted it and my husband put wood flooring in the bathroom. I will do a blog on it, never thought about it before. I love to camp and
    alway dreamed of having a place to keep our equipment. It's takes the fun out of it coming home to put everything away. It has been such a blessing for our family I can't tell you...Take care Pinkie Denise

  4. I like camping. And I don't mind either way. But as I've gotten older, I much prefer the RV way. As kids we camped with a trailer, and what happy times those were.
    I like your pretties. I have one of those perfume bottles myself.


  5. Hiya Myrn!!! I'm trying to catch up on mail, thought I'd come check out what pretty goodness you have been up to!
    Love the display on top of the dresser. The tea set is beautiful!
    Hope yall have a Wonderful time camping. We've had 2 vacations in 16 years, a this point I'm ready to pitch a tent in the creek out back. I can't complain our whole life is a vacation, but still I wanna get away!
    Have a great day~
    xo Tiff