Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tablescape Thursday--Mother's Day

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday--hosted by the lovely Susan, at Between Naps on The Porch!
First off, has anyone had problems uploading pictures? I tried last night, but couldn't upload..then tried this morning trying to upload 5 pics at a time and still no luck. It worked when I uploaded ONE AT A TIME!! That was fun. :-/ Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Okay, so now on to the Tablescape~
For Mother's Day we invited Steve's mom up for dinner that Steve, Courtney and Caleb prepared. Steve made fancy-schmancy drinks for us and Courtney served us appetizers as we lolled in the backyard...
Courtney also set the table! I was so impressed with her creativity and ideas that I just HAD to share it with YOU!! :-)
Court cut fresh roses from the garden and made an arrangement and set two roses on each place signifying where my mom-in-love and I were to sit. I thought that was such a nice touch!

I loved how she used layers, too..

I love the napkin idea! You'll be seeing more of that idea that I'm steal--I mean, borrowing from her in later tablescapes I do! ;-)

Candles, always a nice touch!

Just lovely!

And here is me and Darlou ( my mom-in-love) toasting to the joys of Motherhood! Cheers!


  1. How pretty!
    Think you could send some of that sunshine Ohio-way?

  2. Hello!
    Yes, Paso Robles has some wonderful wineries! I can't wait. We went last year and got hooked.
    Love your table! So cheerful and FUN!
    Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back for sure!

  3. Hi Myrna,
    Thanks for stopping in my blog and your sweet comments on my table!
    This is so lovely, the fresh roses, wow!
    All the color, feels like summer and such a pretty place to set and eat.

  4. I love tables outside..and it looks like you had a wonderful Mothr's day! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  5. The blue, green and yellow really go together great. What a fun treat for you on Mother's Day. Sally

  6. How sweet and how lovely! the rose on the plate is such a nice touch. She certainly did a great job with this tablescape, and I can see that the "mothers" had a wonderful time. laurie

  7. It pops with color and is so much fun.

  8. Wow, Courtney did an awesome job! She obviously got her great table setting style from set a beautiful table!

    I love the name Courtney...I've got a Courtney myself!

  9. what a lovely idea with the roses. Beautiful table.

  10. Perfect Mother's Day table! Courtney did a lovely job! Love the rose on the plates!

  11. Beautiful table! I'll be steal.. er, borrowing some of those ideas, too! ;)

  12. This looks like a very pretty and thoughtful Mother's Day table.

  13. I just love the colors and layers. The rose on the plate made a wonderful touch. Now I love the fancy drinks and being outdoors! Just love it!