Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tablescape Thursday--Brian's Birthday

Earlier this month we had Brian and his bride, Jenni over for Brian's birthday, which happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo. So of course, we HAD to do a Mexican theme!! I had meant to host it outside but the weather didn't cooperate so into the formal dining room we went. I really wanted to do something casual, inexpensive, and festive so I checked out the local Dollar Tree and for 6 bucks I had my setting!! :-)
Ta-Da! Plastic tablecloth~$1..paper plates~$1...paper napkins~$1...3 bunches of 'flowers'~$3.
Grand total...$6.00!!
I used white plastic plates as 'chargers'. Already had the orange fiesta ware pitcher to hold the flowers..made a runner of sorts with the extra napkins. Tied ribbon around red candles and inverted two wine glasses to hold the candles.

The blue handled flatware I bought years ago at Big Lots (when it was called Pic and Save)...

So there you go...a tablescape that was fun, festive and cheap! Like me! ;-D
Check out the many other wonderful (and way more classy) tablescapes at Susan's blog at


  1. wow this is one hot tablescape!

    love the blue glassware too

    happy tablescaping!


  2. Great job at the dollar one I have seen with paper goods !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. I love the flatware! I'm going to start visiting Big Lots more!! You guys find the best stuff!

  4. A really beautiful tablescape -- so "Fiesta" --

  5. love the vibrant colors! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  6. What a happy table! I love it!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  7. So pretty and so inspirational. Just shows what a lot of talent can do at the dollar store. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  8. How very festive everything looks! Stop by and see my table setting, if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to my blog by clicking on "Follow" in the right hand column. This way we can inspire one another frequently! Be sure to stay a while when you're there and enjoy the experience!

  9. Cute! Very colorful..sorry you couldn't have the party outdoors!

  10. I love how colorful your table is. I love that you bought most everything at the dollar store. And I remember when Big Lots was Pic N Save as well. Love your table.

  11. Who cares about classy...I want fun!!! What a festive it was an awesome B'day celebration! Love that dollar store...I stop in regularly ever since I found cute glasses there for a dollar each. :-) Happy Birthday to your son!

  12. Your table just says one thing --- PARTY!

  13. I like the fact that you can party till the cows come home and then have an easy clean up :)

  14. Oh, I love all the blue! Very relaxing, yet festive as well.

  15. WOWZA!! So festive and fun!! Gota love Dollar Tree!! I just had a Mother/Daughter brunch here, and all of our stuff came from there!! It was lovely, too!!

    Great whimsical style!!

  16. This is so festive! Love the colors and those square plates. Those paper flowers are so cute, and it's amazing that all of these were bargains. laurie