Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ta-Ta For Now!

I am off to San Diego to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins....then to see my girlfriends!
I'll be back next week. Have wonderful week!!


  1. Oh that sounds like fun Myrna, enjoy and safe travels!
    Go antiquing or something too while there, for me, tee hee "winks"!
    Linda Q

  2. Myrna!
    Wow was it so great to meet you when you came to Matildas Mouse this week-end! (and thanks for your purchase :) ) Sorry I didn't get much time to talk with you..Too crazy when you came. You have such a wonderful spirit about you! And yes, you really do look like my cousin...I'll have to pull out a pic and send. Here's hoping I can visit your area soon! Let's keep in touch