Monday, January 5, 2009

Takin' a little break....

" Forget past mistakes
Forget failures.
Forget everything
Except what you're going to do
and do it."
William Durant, does anybody have a clue as to what MY New Year's resolution is? :-/ I know, it's so original. (insert sarcasm)
Well, hope springs eternal and I have a lotta hope!!
I'll be away from Blogland for a few...redecorating hearth and home after all the Christmas decor comes down. A fresh look...well, a fresher look--just using the same stuff I have. Maybe I'll post pics as I go along.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Don't work too hard...will miss you! Anxious to see all your work when you finish!!

  2. Myrna- Received my wonderful giveaway in the mail today. I'm thrilled, and will post about it in a few days. Enjoy your time of renewal around the house! Sally

  3. That picture and your caption for it is just too cute! I'll look forward to seeing your revamped home pictures. laurie

  4. Will be awaiting your new and improved whatever!

  5. Hey that's my resolution...again...too.
    FYI....I tried the See's Candy diet over the holidays.....doesn't work. Love Laura

  6. Myrna, Will miss you while your busy cleaning and redecorating. Waiting anxiously for your new look. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

  7. Here's to seeing "less of you" in 2009 and I hope you can say the same of me! Wish you were here to help me redecorate or Myrnaize my home! Toni

  8. That picture is too funny! Good luck with your renewal and cleaning and changing. Be sure to show us when you are finished.

  9. I love the image! Your blog is so sweet. So redecorating? I love seeing peoples homes. I was a big fan of the "home" tours the village would have. If only there was a way to get paid to walk through and admire peoples homes.......

  10. Myrna, Love the blog...the title drew me in from another blog., and I know exactly why now! I too am a legendary heirloom buff and there is no replacement for sentiment. You are a talented lady, will enjoy revisiting your blog often! Adding you to my favorite blogs to visit on my site! Come have a sip of tea with me one day! 8=) ~CC Catherine