Sunday, January 25, 2009

Off to Long Beach! (and Zac's Birthday)

Well, Steve and I are off to Long Beach--Steve on a business trip, me to read and relax. We are both looking forward to seeing Zac and Amy whilst we are there...I get to spend a day with Amy---maybe hitting the thrifts? ;-) I am so blessed to have daughter's-in-love who love Thrift Stores!!
We will also be celebrating our oldest son's birthday...he will be 28 (gasp!) on the 28th. This is a pic Zac took of us on his I-phone when he and Amy were visiting this past summer.
Zac's a great guy....there is no greater blessing (well, it's in the top 5) than to have the many prayers of this mother's heart answered. Those prayers started at the birth of her first born and has never stopped. I've heard it said that once you give birth you are never again alone in your thoughts. That has been so true for me. It has been so rewarding to see Zac grow to be the man of God that he is today. When he was 6 I began praying for his wife he would marry some day. When Zac brought Amy home to meet us 6 years ago, I felt like I already knew her--because I'd been praying for her all that time and because she was that close to everything I prayed for! Mostly I've prayed that Zac would love God with all his heart and would put Him first in his life. I know from experience that if you do that..everything else falls into place. And it has been true for Zac. Rough and difficult times come and go, but when you anchor your life in your faith, life steadies out again.
So we look forward to be able to celebrate with him.
Happy Birthday, Zac!!


  1. What a lovely testimony to the rewards that a praying Mom can receive. Beautiful picture.
    Have a great Sunday,
    Roberta Anne

  2. I've got a good one, thanks to your prayers!! Yay, can't wait to see you guys!! Love you, Amy

  3. What a handsome young man! I'm glad you've seen your prayers answered. I'm still praying for my daughter. ~Lori

  4. Happy Birthday to that good-looking young man. What wonderful mothering he had. Have a wonderful trip! laurie

  5. Have a great trip! My son was 28 in December. His wife's birthday is the 28th also. She will be 27. My son lives to far away to visit easily fir birthdays and such. You are so lucky to be able to get to where your son lives now and then. Happy Birthday to your son!!

  6. THAT'S your son??? He is movie star gorgeous! Hubba Hubba! If he was 20 yrs. older and single and If I were 20 yrs younger and single, oh wait, then he'd be too old for me!!! I never was any good at math. You truly are a blessed woman. Happy birthday to you both.(I always celebrate an extra birthday with my children.) Debbie

  7. Hello Myrna,
    I hope your have a wonderful time with your son and daughter in law. My oldest son is a Zach too. He is just 21. I have to say he is such a blessing too. I loved your beautiful post and it is so wonderful to hear how prayer works...Take care and love to you Pinkie

  8. Happy Birthday Zac!! What a great pic of you two :)
    Hiya Myrn!
    Hope yall had/or still having a GREAT time with them!