Sunday, January 25, 2009


We had our BFF's here for a visit...spent a day wine-tasting in Amador County with Dave and Laura. The following day Laura and I got to thrift-shop. But the next day, poor Laura came down with the flu! Dave went home on the scheduled flight, but Laura had to stay here for an extra two days before feeling well enough to travel. She said I was acting a little too happy that she was sick. ;-) I was just glad we had more time together--even if it was just us hanging out in the family room with me fetching her lemon/honey water or tea or an extra blanket.
I spoke to her yesterday and she said she was feeling much better...which I'm glad, because this Thursday I'm going to San Diego to celebrate a mutual friend's birthday!

Thank you to all who left those beautiful and sweet comments about my Tablescape Tuesday! I hope to play again in a couple of weeks when life gets back to normal..or at least a slower pace!


  1. I'm so sorry your friend was sick, but how nice that you got to spend some time together. And she got to have her sweet friend take care of her! ~Lori

  2. That darn stuff is going around. I am just getting over it after about 2 weeks and now hubby getting it. Take care of you, hope your friend feels better. Glad you all had a good time. Enjoy the sun in San Diego!

  3. What a shame your friend was sick, but good thing yall got to spend some time together :)
    Hope she is all better now! Great pic of all yall :)