Friday, January 2, 2009

A Guest Room--Before and After

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.
~Author Unknown

A few months ago my Dad and his wife, Leilani, moved into a two-bedroom home in a 'retirement village'. Leilani had ordered new furniture for the guest room/office and it finally arrived after weeks of waiting. She had requested my Christmas present to her be to decorate their guest room/office. I had informed her I would do it on our next visit. When we motored down to see them after Christmas, she was all ready for me!

I had already moved a couple of tables and had Steve hang the mirror and shelf when I wised up and thought to take 'before' and 'after' pics for my blog!! ;-)

This is their new sleeper sofa. Although the rest of their home Leilani decorated in a beautiful 'Tuscan' style, she also loves the cottage look and had several things of her mom's as well as things Dad had brought into their marriage that would incorporate beautifully into this style.

The cabinet holds the computer. Leilani has plans for a window treatment made out of a quilted duvet with all the soft pastel colors in it. I moved the round table from the side of the couch to front of the window and layered it with a matlisse coverlet and lace topper.

Before I got there, Leilani had unpacked all her heirlooms and treasures and splayed them out on a table and bed in their bedroom...I just went back and forth 'shopping' for what I needed to use to display.

And here's the 'After'. The lamp on the round table as well as the tea set belonged to Leilani's mom....

also the lamp on the table Leilani had bought for her mom years ago, and recently acquired back after her mother's death. The depression glass bowl that holds the lilac colored glove both had belonged to her mother..

Here is the 'after' view of the top of the cabinet. Remember, you can click on any of these pictures for a close-up....

A more close up view. When I placed the tiered plate rack up I then found Leilani didn't have any extra dishes, so I doubled up paper plates, covered them over with doilies to hold her tea set collection! It was a temporary solution till she can get to a thrift to pick up a few plates!

Another view....the old pictures are of Leilani's grandparents...

A few more 'heirloom's on display on the shelf. I suggested she paint the cord of the lamp the same color as the wall to 'hide' it.

And on this wall--the painting was done and given to my dad by his son, Ric, years and years ago. My mom had made a collage of my dad's mom, along with her jewelry, picture, sheet music because she played the piano. I always smile when I see that collage because I remember when she made it years ago, before collage art or altered art was 'in'! My mom always seemed to be ahead of the times artistically!!

I was happy with the results and I think Dad and Leilani were happy that their whole house is now all 'pulled together' and DONE!


  1. What a great room with so many memories for all of you. That must have been fun to help pull it all together. How nice that she thought enough of you to ask your help!!! That is a gift in itself. Sally

  2. Myrna, the room is so beautiful and how precious that it is filled with such beautiful memory keepsakes. I love the display atop the armoire. The tiered plate rack looks so pretty with the doilies and teacups and teapot. You have such a gift for creating beautiful vignettes. Your mother was ahead of her time with the collage. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  3. What a beautiful room...and such a nice gift for you to give her!

  4. Beautiful. I really like the plate rack with the doilies and teapot. Clever idea. Beautiful room...looks very homey!

  5. Myrna, Happy New Year. The room turned out G R E A T !! You did a wonderful job. How precious the room looks with all the wonderful family keepsakes. A great touch, warm and welcoming. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

  6. Very pretty and well pulled together! Thanks for sharing, they are lucky to have your help.
    Fun to see!

  7. I love how you decorated the room. So many wonderful and meaningful heirlooms. I think that makes it most special. I love the warmth and softness of the pastels and cottage feel. You did a great job Myrna, how they will enjoy it...Happy New Year Pinkie

  8. This is such a charming room, and it holds so many wonderful memories. I can see why they are very pleased with the results. laurie

  9. Awesome job with the decorating! That is a wonderful idea of a gift for someone, using your talent to help them decorate a space. Like I said, Awesome!!

  10. I would love it if someone asked me to help decorate! This room looks wonderful.

  11. Myrna!! The room turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I bet they loved it!!! Some people just have a way with arranging, making little groupings and making a room look wonderful, you are definitely one of those people! I'm sure they will think of you when they look around the room...happy weekend, xxoo, Dawn

  12. Number One... I want a relative named Leilani....hmm how will I accomplish this?

    The room is lovely and what a nice girl you were to do it.
    Robert Anne

  13. Beautiful as, would you like to come redecorate my house? :):) Love, Toni

  14. Forgot to was SO FUN to see the collage your MOTHER are your mother's I see where you get your talent! Her seed of talent in you has blossomed into something even more beautiful and now blesses so many people....even at a distance!

  15. There are not enough words to express to you how much I am enjoying my new "Guest Cottage." Thank you so much for giving me this lovely room to share with family and friends! How I admire your gift of decorating, Myrna. I am truly blessed to have you for my daughter. God Bless you Sweetie...

  16. oh, i loved this post! happy new year to you myrna!

  17. myrna, you did a great job! i love all the little touches. how neat for leilani that she has you for her own personal decorator!
    happy new year!

  18. My turn! ;) Just kiddn'. When Jer and I have a baby (someday soon) I'll be asking you for tips! This room is just perfect. What a great way to put memories together.

  19. Such a beautiful room, love all the little treasures... right up my alley!!