Friday, July 11, 2008

Should you ever come to visit me...

This is where I'd usher you in to sit and chat. These 60+ year old love seats were my mom's (they've been recovered several times).....
Or these wing back chairs that are 20+ years old. They were recovered when we moved here.
This is my favorite room. It would be called 'the sitting room' or 'parlor' if this house were a true Victorian. My friend, Barb, who lives in a 110 year old true Victorian house, informed me. Here I like to daydream, read decorating books or magazines, or- best of all -visit with a friend. It may look 'busy' to some of you, but somehow it quiets my soul when I sit in here. I'm surrounded by pretty things that make me smile. I can break the decorating rules because we usually don't have more than 4 people in this room....well, I tend to break the decorating rules everywhere in our house ;-) but in this room I get to play around more.

Just wanted to share --should you ever come to visit me....

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can see why you would love to sit in there. It looks very homey! I love to be surrounded by the things that mean memories to me. It is like a warm comforting blanket! Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

  2. http://sweetoldvintage.blogspot.comJuly 11, 2008 at 7:30 PM

    Hi Myrna... I would love to come and sit with you.. It looks very romantic but comfy.... Today was like grand central station at my house and yours is very tempting...We had grand kids and friends swimming.. then the neighbor boys swam for 3 hours and I took a fast dip and was just thinking I needed to relax and the doorbell ran and a friend I worked with for 12 years and her hubby paid us a suprise visit and spend a couple hours... They are living in Texas it was nice and then within the hour it was time to go play our mixed couples scramble and we got home about a hour ago and the grandkids were here again swimming... They just went home and I thought I would check my email and blog and I am now on my way to get that nap for the night... Have a great weekend... Tomorrow is another day of running and Sunday is busy also.. It's good old summertime......

  3. Oh looks just wonderful!!! I love the cozy feel of it..don't you love when you glance around the room and your eyes fall on beautiful and interesting things? What a sweet haven, xxoo, Dawn

  4. Your home is lovely, Myrna! It looks like it came out of a picture book! I can see why you feel so happy in your "parlor"--a great place to take refuge from the awful air we've had outdoors here--I hope the smoke goes away soon--it's really made me feel awful this week! Hugs, Jann

  5. Not "busy"!! No way, that is wonderful, I have to have my "pertties" around me too.

  6. I have to say, as Myrna's best friend, her house is as comfortable as it looks. When my husband and I visit we feel like we have stepped into a Bed and Breakfast. But honestly, more important than all of beautiful and creative things around us are Steve and Myrna. They are the best hosts ever. They make you feel warm, comfortable and ALWAYS welcome. If you have spent any time with Steve and truly have been blessed.
    I love the pictures Myrna, I miss you...
    Love Laura

  7. Very pretty. So what time do you want me to come over?


  8. Myrna is one of my favorite and most creative and inspiring friends. I liken visiting her home to settling down in a comfy feathered nest! And she truly is the "hostess with the mostess"! Plus they have one of the most comfortable guestroom beds ever!
    Love you Myrn!

  9. I want to come visit you. Hugs, your friend Sue!!!

  10. Hi Myrn,

    Oh, I am really in love with your cozy sweet home! It really seems to reflect the person I see in your writing and art...approachable, genuine, romantic, sweet, fun, and comfortable (if I can use that word to describe a person). Your home is a lovely reflection of you and I would be there in a heartbeat if I could...

    Have a lovely weekend if I don't talk to you before...

    Hugs and Blessings,
    Becky S.

  11. Hi Myrna
    I can totally picture sitting in the two wing back chairs having tea or coffee! What lovely room. Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope you do come back again. I will check in with you and see how your blog is coming along too! : ) I'm glad that Cindy had her "Favs" party. I got to see soooooo many lovely blogs that I never would have even known existed!

  12. Well, fair warning.....If I come visit, you may not get rid of me! :)
    Ok, I won't over~stay my welcome....and I do feel as if I got to visit your Beautiful home, so comfortable, just Gorgeous!