Saturday, July 5, 2008

Joined a New Creative Blog Group...

..called Mind Wide Open. Gail started it, describing it as "A gathering spot for like minds to find their inspirational spark,
to create, to play. A place where thinking outside the box is encouraged and the stretching of your artistic wings hopeful." It sounded so wonderful and just the thing I needed to get motivated! Here's a little 'sneak peak' at my creation. Gail will post all the entries on the blog on July 8th and you can vote for your favorite...who'll then win a $20 shopping spree to her online store Shabby Cottage Studio !

Steve and I had a bit of an unconventional Fourth of July, but we enjoyed it. Steve worked in the yard, I worked in my studio..Dawn got me all motivated to get it organized--you should check out her studio!! It's not as big as her room--mine is outside in a dinky little shed-- It's going to take me a few days, but I feel like I'm on a roll!
Later in the afternoon we went to see the movie "Get Smart" and LOVED it!! Laughed and laughed through it--it was a wonderful homage to the original TV series which Steve and I loved growing up...
After the movie we went to our favorite sushi place and were told we were the second customers all day--I guess sushi just isn't the typical American Fourth of July dinner!! ;-)
Then home to play dominoes in the backyard while fireworks went off all around us. It was a beautiful evening....
The weather has been so nice...but have been alerted by the weatherman it's all gonna change by Monday--we're expecting a heat wave to arrive with the temperature in the triple digits!
Gonna have to crank up the air conditioner!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. You go girl!! I'm so glad you're entering the's such a wonderful motivator to get everyone's creative juices flowing! I can't wait to see your space, are you going to photograph it Myrna? :) Have a wonderful Sunday, xxoo, Dawn

  2. My hubby and I saw that movie recently, too, and really liked it!
    Glad you're creating a studio--how fun!