Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Scented Garden

When we first moved to this house there was a huge oak tree situated right in front..sadly we found out soon after moving in that it was in failure and had to be taken out. So then the front half of our yard was big mess o' nothing after the tree was removed. I envisioned a partitioning off with an arch and lovely, scented plants and flowers growing everywhere.

I am one of those blessed wives whose husband tries very hard to make all my dreams come true. He started off by installing a picket fence with an archway and planting fragrant honeysuckle to grow along it..and a small, planked 'bridge' of sorts inviting you to venture to the other side..

Once inside, one's sight and senses are enthralled by fragrant lavender, thyme, gardenia, roses and jasmine!

Walking across the carpet of thyme releases the captivating scent and relaxing in the chairs with a glass of iced tea..or wine in the evening ;-) is just heavenly!

Steve arranged darling garden figures to add whimsy and delight for me...

Gardenia and lavender..aaahhhh!

Sweet roses..

Sitting amongst the ivy and plants adds coolness and relief from summer's heat.

The view from the chair..... feel so secluded as you can't be seen from the street.

Winston loves to romp here...

I am so grateful to Steve for creating this sanctuary for me!

I will be taking a bloggy break this week as our BFF's are coming to the mornings you will probably find us here with our coffee, catching up on life! Have a wonderful week!!

“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment”

~Jane Austen


  1. What a beautiful sanctuary! A lovely place to relax with a cup of coffee! It's like a secret garden.

  2. Wowweeee!!! LOVE the yard photos......I believe we could tip~toe right into the computer and sit for a visit!! A sanctuary indeed!!
    Winston is a doll!!
    xo hugs

  3. Myrna,
    What a gorgeous yard. I love the arch and all your fragrant plantings. I think I'm in love with Steve too! I dream of having someone to help me out with all my projects... Have yourselves a wonderful August!

  4. How beautiful this is....Truly like a dream! Wonderful that your husband makes your dreams come true, but you have to have the vision first of all, and it's clear that you do.