Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Scottsdale, AZ

Hi all!! I recently returned from accompanying my husband on a business trip to Scottsdale, AZ. When I found out I was going, I contacted the lovely, talented, world famous blogger, Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage to see if she was free for a day..she WAS!! She graciously picked me up at my hotel and showed me around Scottsdale, her favorite stores AND took me to her fabulous house!! So, for White Wednesday, I am showing her BEAUTIFUL home!!
These pictures are of her living room..

The TV cabinet she painted white and decoupaged with sheet music..so clever!!

A table she painted and decoupaged in the corner of her living room..

Here is her family room. I just SWOONED over the beauty and creativity of it!!

Remember you can click on the picture to get a larger view and be able to take in all the gorgeousness of it!!

The formal dining room..

Love the gallery of displays..the three black framed pieces are her original art work..

The counter beyond her kitchen sink..

The breakfast nook...

The guest bath..

She glued fabric to the panels of the cabinets..beautiful!!

The serene sanctuary of the master bedroom..

WITH a fireplace!! How romantic!!

Everywhere you look were clever touches..Karen's attention to detail was amazing!!

Her mom had made this lace jacket in the '70's..isn't is SO Magnolia Pearl?? ;-)

And here is her studio..for more fabulous pictures of her studio, go here. Karen is the hostess of Where Blogger's Create..AND she is the one that made over my blog..which is her business~she has fabulous ideas and is so easy to work with!!
I had a wonderful time with Karen..she is beautiful, and sweet and kind and loving....stay tuned for pics of the shops she took me to!!

Every house where love abides

And friendship is a guest,

Is surely home, and home sweet home

For there the heart can rest.

~Henry Van Dyke


  1. *Screams with delight*. Fabulous. I'm going back in a moment to enlarge all those pics and get a closer look.
    Now you see, if I put a gate up at my fireplace it would look exactly what it is - an out of place gate. Here it works. What's the magic trick to getting it right? xx

  2. Oh I am glad you had fun. Wish I would have known...I would have loved to have met you and said hi!

  3. What a perfect home!!! So much to look at without being too cluttered. The colors are dreamy. It's cozy and inviting and beautiful!!! I want mine done!!!!

  4. Myrna you are too sweet!!! I had such a wonderful day with you and hope the next time you are in town you will let me know! Happy White Wednesday and enjoy the rest of the week!!

  5. Oh Myrn!!!! What a wonderful thing!!! You and Karen were able to meet on another....isn't this blog world so amazing? We make such precious friends across the miles. Your photos of Karen's home are BEAUTIFUL...I love her style so much!! Thank you for sharing them all with us,
    hugs and love, Dawn

  6. Oh Wow!!! I know that was sooo FUN!!!! Karens house is just Beautiful!! I love outings like that, to go enjoy others decorated homes, it's so inviting and fun!!! :)

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