Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Tickled Pink~~A Post From the Past..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Tickled PINK!!

Our oven was dying a slow death. Had repair guys out several times, until you hear them say those dreaded words," I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do.." I hung my head and sighed. Poor old oven. It lived longer than the typical life span of an oven--what--is it five years now? (rolling eyes and a bit of sarcasm in voice). We bought this house almost three years ago when it was twelve years old, and IMMEDIATELY the oven would not cooperate. It never did cook right. You couldn't trust the temperature--everything took twice as long to bake--very frustrating! Blessedly the home warranty people offered us a few hundred towards purchase a new one. THEN Steve said--"Well, since we have to replace our oven, let's get a double oven like we've always talked about." My reaction was as if he'd said "Honey, here's the credit card--go buy yourself a whole new wardrobe, heck, hire a personal shopper and go for it--money, no object!"

We've lived for YEARS with one oven. And got by fine. But, given the choice, and our love for entertaining and having our growing family over--life with two ovens will be wonderful!!

So, we've been out the past few nights searching for the best deal in town. Steve's good at that when it comes to the big important stuff, like cars and appliances--he researches online first,and goes from there. I'm good at the other, fun stuff, food, clothes, furniture, knick-knacks, paddy-whacks.

Whilst we were perusing one appliance store (R.C. Willey) my eye fell upon a coffee maker and I swear I heard angels singing. I floated over to it, and looked back at Steve with imploring eyes.

"It's PINK!" I said, "Have you ever seen a more beautiful coffee maker?"

Steve clearly did not hear the angels, but did have to agree that yes, it was--Pink. He looked at the price tag and frowned. "Lets check around elsewhere and see if this is the best price".

We did...noting that there wasn't a pink coffeemaker to be had anywhere. The next evening he announced that we'll go get that coffeemaker. OH! What Joy, What Bliss!!! So we motored over to R.C. Willey and took possession of a pink coffeemaker!! Not only was the last one--the display and so they took $10.00 off!! A little blessing from the Lord, I'm sure! ;-)

Oh, and we got a sweet deal on a double oven--it will be arriving the last week of August....
And now, without further adieu--is my new pink coffee maker!! No longer stashed behind a cabinet, but out on the counter for all the world to see! Isn't it just the cutest thing?!


Life just turns deliciously quirky when you stop resisting yourself and, instead, honor the intuition that tugs at you like a puppy on a leash in the park. Follow the magic and magic starts to follow you. {Tama J. Kieves}


  1. LOVE your PINK coffeemaker..too pretty lol. I would "kill" for a PINK Senseo but alas, have to *get by* with a black one lol.

    Congrats on the new oven too, mine is still working great after 4 yrs (fingers crossed!!)

    Hugs from Marian

  2. We had to replace our New with new house dishwasher after 4 years....our new 5 year old washer went kaput...and we spent 300.00 to fix our new with new house side by side refrigerator which I still don't think is working correctly. I can feel your pain...even if it was a while ago. The pink coffee maker is cute. I know that this is anti blog, but I am not a pink least not in home decor. But I am happy for you! If I had the color I would like, it would be orange...but I don't do that either in my home. I am a black, cream, tan kinda girl guess what our coffee maker color is??? yup, good ole black...but it makes great tea. It's a Keurig!!
    Hope you are having a good week.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your pink coffee maker!!!

  4. I would have this pretty little coffee maker out for the world to see, too, if it were mine!! No hiding it like I do the old black, or white one!! Lucky you!! I used to long for ALL pink appliances like back in the 50's, when I got married and was very young, we were Navy folks, and stretched our dimes as far a they would no pink for me! Come to think of it, coffee makers were not even a reality then! Now I have pink and white appliances mixed together....looks cute, but I never lost sight of the "all pink dream"!!
    Thanks for sharing yours! A double oven I have had and aren't they so convenient??!! This house doesn't have one, and I miss it on big family get-togethers!
    Enjoy yours!!
    A new follower!! Francy

  5. I think the angels designed that one ESPECIALLY for you? Are you getting a pink oven too? :o)

  6. I love your pink coffee pot! What joy and what delight! Also, loved your outside room!