Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vignette Friday

For this week's Vignette Friday, hosted by the very talented and charming Artie of Color Outside the Lines, I thought I'd do a repeat of our sitting room mantle. I found I have had it this way since January!! Can you believe it??

But I have been so happy with this display that I've not wanted to change it ALL YEAR!! I KNOW! What is wrong with me? LOL!!
I had watched the movie 'Out of Africa' and got my inspiration there. Really wanted a  'British' look..

Do any of you like a vignette so much that you actually leave it as is for almost a year??
I know a change will be a-coming in December, and I may throw a pumpkin or two up there and call it Fall decorating in the coming week(s), but until then I still love the look..hope you do too!!
Be sure to visit Color Outside the Lines for other fabulous Vignettes!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. My ever-loving and ever observant hubby, who follows my followers way more than I do, pointed out that I'm almost to 200 followers! I'm thinkin' Giveaway time when I get to 200...what do you think?? ;-)


  1. I love your mantel, it's just beautiful. Love all the pictures... lots of pretties!!! Hey where almost to 200 followers also, we will be having some giveaways soon too! Congrats!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. The SAME vignette almost a year.......Oh my, now you are starting to do like I do! Personally, I like to leave things the way I like them until I no longer like them! Sometimes, that's a VERY LONG TIME as you well know my friend! I still love your mantle too! Toni

  3. I just LOVE your style. I wish I had the house for it. I'm saving this in my decorating file. Maybe I can replicate the look somehow in my bedroom.

  4. Your mantle is absolutely beautiful! I'd have a hard time changing it out too!

  5. Just lovely...and yes, I have favorite goupings in my home and if I change them I HAVE to take a photo because I never remember how to put it back the same way!!

  6. You know, if my mantle looked as gorgeous as that, I wouldn't want to change it either, it looks pretty perfect to me.

  7. Love your mantel...gorgeous! I would not change a thing.

  8. No wonder that you left the mantle just as it is. . .it's stunning. I love the basket in the center and the way you built around it.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  9. With a mantle that beautiful, I would have left it up forever! I love all you've done.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Wow, almost a year! That is love! I'm not sure my furniture stays in place that long... I think I'm fickle... It is a stunning setup, though! I LOVE the bust hiding behind those old books stacked willy-nilly- you certainly achieved that British Colonial look! The very funny thing is that last week I shared (with Artie) my own Out of Africa inspired mantle, and it's entirely different! I've had it up for almost two whole weeks now...
    : ) Meg

  11. It's beautiful! I love all the layers and different heights. No wonder it's your favorite. xo Lidy