Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Portraits

Just had to pop in and share a few pics of the family. As you can see all eyes were on Lindy the whole time she was here! ;-)
We had a great time with Zac, Amy, and Lindy visiting. We took the opportunity of all of us being together to take some family pictures. This is only a couple of pics of many...the T-shirts came from Ernst Cafe in New Orleans~Thought it'd be fun to use in our pictures! ;-)
I just HAD to show a couple more of our sweet grand-daughter sitting so contentedly on her daddy's shoulders. Such a JOY!
The house is so quiet now. I'll be spending the next few days catching up. I'm also involved in a swap over at Speckled Egg  and I'll be working on those, too!
I've popped in on a few blogs and found it seems like everyone is decorating for Fall! It's giving me the itch to pull out pumpkins and leaves and branches and get to it!! ;-)

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.
{Anthony Brandt}


  1. Hi Myrna Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love family photos and everyone is having such a wonderful time. Just look at Ms Lindy. She is as cute as a bug. A little ladybug to be exact. Myrna she is just beautiful.

    Family photos are so much fun. We just had a new grandbaby born in June. He was grandchild #8. We now have 4- boys and 4- girls. Makes it even steven for sure.

    Love the shirts too, they look cute on, and it is fun to see everyone in one color. Maybe that is what I will do for the Christmas photo that is coming this year. Thanks for the idea, as I truly love it.

    Hope you have a beautiful day. It is quiet when everyone leaves isn't it? Well many hugs sweetie and much love, Sherry

  2. Nothing better than getting together and having a family portrait made...kids grow so fast..and family members move away..and it is very hard to get EVERYONE together at times.

    I just put the same advice on Miss Gracies's blog...just have family portraits done as often as you can...even if everyone in the family is not there for it. Don't put it off.
    And the reason I feel so strongly about it is this....
    We never got a family portrait made... a formal one that is....even tho I had asked my husband a number of times to have it done...it just kept getting put off....( this was WAY before digital however )
    And then the unthinkable happened...our oldest daughter became ill and died very suddenly .....we never had the chance again.
    SO JUST DO IT every change you get.


  3. Your granddaughter is a Cutie-Patootie! I would love to reach in my computer and give her a big squeeze! You have a very nice family. So glad you all got to get together for a family photo shoot.

  4. Hi Myrna,
    Been so busy lately haven't had time to read blogs, so catching up. Oh my your granddaughter is darling! And love the family photos. That is one thing I am going to make sure we do now is do some family portraits with our son and his family and us.
    Hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Myrna,
    Great family photo's! they are just lovely and full of life. I like that! We always try to get family pics too when were all together.
    I bet it's going to be hard picking a favorite!
    Have a sweet day and hugs~Elizabeth

  6. Lindy is adorable and I LOVE the tee shirts! But I still want your doggy!:o) Love, Toni
    PS: Great advice from Rose~Victorian Rose above....I'm going to remember that!