Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diamonds & Rust

 While Steve and I were in Carmel, we ventured into this darling shop in Pacific Grove. It's called
Diamonds & Rust at 472 Lighthouse Ave.
I managed to snap a few pics before my battery went out in my camera and wanted to share them with you...Enjoy!

Our dear friends Dave and Laura are coming to visit (yippee!) so I'll be away from blogland till next week..have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, there are a million things in this store that I could bring home. Those red chairs with the floral design are gorgeous, and the table next to them. Loved it all!

  2. You got me droolin' ova hea!!

  3. Myrna, what a beautiful store, thank you for sharing this with us, I think I am ready to move in now :) Enjoy your visit with your loved ones! besos, Rose

  4. I was just there and took so many pictures. You reminded me I needed to post them. Wasn't that shop devine! That whole town is fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.