Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something to Ponder....

I've been doing a Bible Study on Esther for the past several weeks. Beth Moore wrote the study and I love how she teaches. This past week she taught on using the gifts God has given you, and being caught up in the world's perception of greatness and God's perception of greatness.

She used part of an article written in More Magazine by Laura Fraser as an illustration. It's called "My So-Called Genius":

"If your entire identity is wrapped up in the magnificent things you're destined to achieve -- as a great writer, musician, scientist, politician, chef -- the thought that you might produce something mediocre can be devastating. Better, it seems, to hold on to the idea that you could be great than to risk being merely good, or to fail altogether."

Beth Moore goes on to write

“Do you HAVE to do something great? Can you be happy to do something really good?

And then the next line really clenched it for me:

“Could the craving to do something great keep you from doing something good?”

I’ve been pondering this all morning.

I’ve never really had illusions of grandeur when I became an adult. I did expect (and have) happily ever after in a realistic sense. I do remember being told from time to time when I was in my teens to young adult that I was going to be/do something really special..that God’s got a special plan for me. I never really saw it, though, never really knew just what that meant. Until now.

My identity can’t be summed up in one, concise word. My identity is made up of several things. Celebrating and using the gifts God has given me. From encouragement to embellishing! And then I thought about being ‘special’..

Encouragement (and embellishing) generally comes easy for me. So I don’t think of it as special. But say that to a person (like my husband) who is not gifted in that department. He often comments to me how amazed he is at how I seem to know *just* the right thing to say to people to encourage them. I thought he told me that because he loves me and was just being nice! But I feel the same way about my friend, Laura, who is an amazing singer and comedienne. Or my friend, Sue T. who graduated college and became a nurse in her mid-forties! And Sue S., who is THE most organized person I know, who cleans mansions for a living and loves it. Says it’s the best exercise…Toni, who is a wonderful help-mate to her husband so he can be great at his job, who teaches and mentors young women, and who is one of the most devoted grandmas I’ve seen.

And then there are all of you who are my blogger-friends! You display and share your God-given gifts to bring inspiration, encouragement, wisdom, and humor to the world! ;-)

I have found that, for me, I stop dead in my tracks when I start to think of something I want to do, but fear I won’t be great at it. Those things that I listed about my friends that they are good at~well, I struggle with. So, when I read that question from Beth, “Could the craving to do something great keep me from doing something good?” has really gotten to me. And given me a new perspective.

What about you? Is the craving to do something great keeping you from doing something good? And if you think instead “I am going to do something really good”….what does that look like to you?

I am really interested to hear your responses!


  1. Great post!
    I have always had numerous talents that the Lord has given me. In the back of my mind I think that I always wanted to be GREAT at something/anything. Instead I plod along being "okay" at several things. I do, however, tithe with what the Lord has given me. I always try to give surprise love gifts to people that cross my path. For years people have said, "Why don't you open a store?" If I did that I would loose the passions to create. Yes, I am good just not GREAT! I like it that way.
    Isn't the Lord good to His children!
    Thank you for sharing, Sharon

  2. Babe,

    Well believe it! You are an amazing woman whether you are counseling with someone, being a friend to another or creating a piece of art, you have a gift and you are a blessing to all those that come to know you or have a piece of what you have created!

    I love you,

  3. I loved reading this post. And how sweet of your husband to leave such a loving message. Give him a hug and tell him thank you.
    I love when I read or hear something that makes me stop and think about my life and the way I am living it. Beth Moore is a wonderful teacher.
    I have the gift of mercy and struggle to not try and save the world, as my husband says. lol It is hard not to strive for greatness. I guess really good would keep us from feeling inferior, huh? hmmm...have to give that some thought. Sounds like your husband thinks you are pretty great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh I just learned an awful lot right here, right now.
    You always have the perfect snippet

  5. Thought provoking beautiful write. TY for sharing.

    TTFN ~Marydon
    If you haven't entered our giveaway, go to our Nov. 1st post.

  6. Myrna,
    Girl, as your hubby so sweetly wrote ...ditto.
    This was an awesome HS inspired post directed right between my two little eyes and only He knows how many others need to read this.
    And I love you too! Now, not like Steve, but like my sweet sister in the Lord.
    Looking forward to meeting you one day!

  7. I love Beth Moore, and I love your post! You have just done an excellent job of using your talents to reach out and make others think. What a beautiful talent to put to such a beautiful use! Thank you. laurie

  8. The one thought that comes to my mind is that when we are focused on "me, myself and I" in wanting to pursue something often IS all about me doing something great for my own fulfillment. But on the other hand, when we are living in God's freedom to use the gifts He's given us, those things often do come easy and our focus is on blessing someone else or our world with what we have created or done.....notice where the focus is.....on others. Love, Toni

  9. A timely post and oh so true. I love Beth Moore, she is such a bubbly breath of fresh air.
    Thursday Blessings ;-)

  10. Remember when I told you years ago that when I have a difficult situation with the kids or hubby--whomever...I ask myself, "WWMD?" I still do that Myrna!! Love you!

  11. Myrna what a beautiful post, it made me think...made me cry and I looked at myself in the background mirror of the display cases that are in front of me on my desk and you know what?? All I could think was...she just described me... besos, Rose

    What an amazing woman and friend you are, can't wait to meet you one day :)